Feeling and Being Discouraged!

Feeling discouraged can be very frustrating especially if you feel
discouraged a lot!

This is what I know: the word ‘discourage’ is the direct opposite of
‘courage’.  I know that many women have been discouraged once
or twice in their lives (maybe more).

Being discouraged can make you crazy!  Especially if you hold
on to the feeling of discouragement for a long period of time.
Sometimes it’s really hard to get out of or let go of that crazy
cycle of feeling and being discouraged.

I do have to say that it is important for all of us to experience
these types of feelings, so that we can come to that place of
knowing what it feels like, what was the reason or thing that
got us in to that funky place (as I like to call it) in the first place
and that we never ever want to go back there again if possible.

Of course if you’re at that mastery level of being in total control
of your mind, feelings and emotions, then that’s really great.
End of story!  But… if you’re not at that mastery level then this
is for you.

There are so many reasons why you would get in to that funky
place of feeling and being discouraged that it’s almost
impossible to mention all of them here.  Especially because
of how different you are from everyone else.

Now that’s a good thing, that you’re different from everyone

You are a unique soul and don’t ever let anyone tell you

One reason for feeling discouraged that I would like to mention
is when things aren’t going the way that you’d like them to go.
Now that’s a big one because we as women are so used to
taking care of everyone and everything, we know how we like
things done and when we want it done (like now!)  Ha ha, funny
but true.

When things aren’t going the way we want and it’s taking way
too long, we can get discouraged very easily because we are
so used to making things happen.  Obviously there may be a
feeling of anger at first but, when it’s out our control that anger
can turn to discouragement.

It’s one thing to feel discouraged but it’s another thing to
be/being discouraged.

If you’re at that point of being and you’ve been there for a while,
it’s probably not a good feeling that you want to hold on to.
It is possible to get out of that funky place.  If you let it hold on
to you for a long period of time, it could prevent you from so
many things in life.

You don’t want to get to that point of depression and stress.

Take a deep breath and know that help is on the way!  🙂

The number one thing that you can do is to acknowledge
who you are and what your gifts are.  You are a wonderful
women here on earth to grow and learn, to gain all kinds of
experiences that will make you in to a better person if you let it.

Your gifts are so important for you as a woman.

I can’t stress that enough here.  You were given gifts that are
only for you.  Those gifts are to bless you personally and to bless
those around you and whom you come in contact with through
out your life.

Remember that feeling and being discouraged is only temporary.

Remembering what your gifts are can help you to have the courage
to move forward no matter what is going on in your life and to get
out of that ‘discourage’ trap that is easy to fall into.

Mahalo for watching.

Aloha, Janin

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