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Wearing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

People think that it’s ok to wear gold and silver jewelry together,
but from what I know is that gold and silver are not usually
complimentary when you wear them together, but, there are
exceptions to that rule.

Gold and Silver has it’s own vibe – gold gives off a warm feeling
when you’re wearing it and silver tends to give off a cooler type
of vibe, and the two different metals tends to clash when you
wear them together.

If you want to wear the two metals together, make sure that the
pieces have something in common like diamonds or that the
pieces are both the same like they both are delicate or both are

Aloha, Janin

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Blend A Little Bit Of Creativity In With Your Finances

So often, our finances become such a logical and boring thing that we have
to take care of, and it doesn’t have any creative element to it.  It can also
become a drudgery depending on your thoughts and feelings towards it.

Since you have to take care of your finances on a continual basis you might
as well have some fun with it.  Yes, it’s possible!

Here is what I mean.
Listed below are 5 things that you can do to get started:

1.  Use colored pens when you’re logging or listing the bills that you have to pay
     in a notebook.
2.  Buy a pretty and/or colorful notebook to list all of your bills and financial
     information in.
3.  Create your own pretty and/or colorful notebook.
4.  Use colored paper.
5.  Use pictures of all kins to insert or adhere them to your notebook and the pages.

It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, use a little bit of imagination and you’re
set to go.  What might help you to do this kind of thing is to remember back when
you were a kid and did all kinds of creative things in school.  There is no right or
wrong way to create it, remember it’s your notebook.  The key is to just have fun
with it.  

If it’s visually appealing to you, it might just take the ‘boring’ out of it.
Doing your finances doesn’t have to be boring.

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Creativity Comes In Many Forms

You are all creative.  I hope you know that?
Especially as women, you are all given the ability
to create on every level there is.

You might think that you’re not creative just because
you don’t draw, paint or sculpt clay.  Well, I’m here
to tell you that creativity and being creative does not
have anything to do with drawing, painting or sculpting
clay!  Believe it or not.

You see, creativity comes in many forms.  Most of the time it
is right in front of your eyes, but it may be in disguise.

You use your creative gifts everyday without even realizing it.

I write so much about creativity because most of the people
I talk to also seem to think that they are not creative.  Go figure?
Why would you think about yourself like that?

I’ve had a lot of people tell me “I’m not creative” and I always
will say, “that’s not true!”

Many years ago, the word creativity was only used in the art
industry or if you or someone you know drew, painted or sculpted

Our world is changing so quickly these days, it’s amazing to see all
of the creativity out there in the world.  Especially the computer industry
with all of the computer programs that are created everyday, the websites
and social media sites that are coming up in record numbers.
Pencils, paint and clay are not used to create all of those things, yet
the number one ingredient is creativity.

All of that takes creativity and the desire to create something.
Something that is unique or just because it’s what you want to do.

I have this really cool quote that I found many years ago.
I don’t know who said it, but I really like it.
And it goes like this …
“Creative people have a spark within them that warms them through
all seasons.  It is the one human attribute that has the power to bring
a constant feeling of joyfulness within, on demand.  Almost nothing
else in life can match it, and thankfully, creativity can be expressed
on any level, in a whole spectrum of ways.”

I know that this quote is so true, because I have seen it over and over
again for the last 22 years from my former students (ages 8 to 60 something
years old) while I was teaching sewing, craft and sewing/art classes.

So what form does your creativity come in, what warms your soul?
Is it story telling, writing, repurpose something or cooking?  The list
goes on.

This is what I would love for you to do every day from now on:
Start reminding yourself that you are creative and you
have the ability to create anything that your heart desires.
Do something creative everyday, something that you enjoy,
even if you only have 15 minutes to spare in your day.  You’ll be
amazed at how much you can do in just 15 minutes a day.

That is how some of the most wonderful and amazing inventions were
created, a little every day, day by day.

Try it for yourself; you’ll be glad you did!



Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach


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Are You A Visual Learner?

Do you have a hard time hearing something,
it and then try to implement it
with little success?

Do you have to see something before you
understand it?

I love to talk about the way that we learn, using our senses
to fully understand what’s going on around us.

There are the three main ways in which we learn:
Auditory and Kinesthetic.
I want to talk about how we learn visually.

Everybody learns differently and there are many different
of learning that fall under the three main categories, but
visual learning
is when we learn something by seeing it first
before it makes sense.

Think back to when you were in school. How did you learn best?
Sometimes we don’t even think about things like that.
I surely didn’t start thinking about those things until I was an adult.

I was lucky enough to have a boss who pointed out to me what
my style of learning is. She was a Middle School Principal at
the time that we had this conversation and knew everything there
was to know about learning styles. Just FASCINATING!

Now, she didn’t just come out and tell me these things, we were
having a conversation about how I thought I learned things in
school when I was a kid and teenager.

She recognized that I’m a kinesthetic learner. Once I understood
how I learned it made all the difference. More about kinesthetic
learning in another article.

I want to talk to those of you who are visual learners.

One way to identify if you are a visual learner is if you have
to see things in order to understand it. Seeing is a very
important part of how you learn and how everything makes
sense to you.

It really makes a difference when someone can explain to
you how you learn best.

Just like your finances, have you had people tell you that
you need to do “XYZ” when it comes to taking care of your
finances and not understand what they mean?
Sometimes you cannot understand what they’re saying just
by hearing them. So it just becomes easier to work with your
finances the same old way.

It’s easy for someone to say “you need to do this and you need
to do that” but in order for you to have greater success with your
finances, you need to see an example of a step-by-step system
or have someone show you a better way of working with your

Have no fear, working with you finances doesn’t always have to
be stressful, here’s how you can start to relieve some of your

Figure out what kind of learner you are and get some help or
support, it will make a big difference.

I can speak from experience that once I understood my learning
style, things became so much easier for me and for those
around me at work.

If you need some help figuring out what kind of learner you are or
need some support with achieving success with your finances,
I invite you to email me at janin@fashionablefinance.com



Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach

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