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Your Self-Worth Matters

Most people don’t like to talk about self-worth, but did you know that self-wroth
drives everything that you do. If you feel like you don’t have any worth, it’s really
hard to get anything done and it’s really hard to accomplish things. It’s time to
start thinking about what value you have. Your self-worth matters!

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episode #016 – 10 Questions You Need To Include In The Conversation You Have With Yourself Everyday

10 Questions

In this episode I share with you the10 questions
you need to include in the conversation you
have with yourself everyday.

The person we have a conversation with the
most every single day is ourselves.  You may
not have even realized it until now, but if you
just take a moment to think about all the things
that you think about every day of your life, you’ll
come to realize that most of it was talking to
yourself , also know as: conversations with

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it, that we have these conversations
all day long and I wonder how in the world can we do that when we have so
many things going on.

These conversations actually do one of two things: they either help us or
hurt us.  And this is what I mean, it so easy for us to say negative things
to ourselves when we feel like we’re not smart enough or when we compare
ourselves to other people and much more.  By doing that and saying these
negative things to ourselves, it really has such a hurtful effect on your mind,
body and spirit.

Now when on an occasion or two we say good things to ourselves, then
it helps our happy hormones to feel good and leads us to feel happiness
and joy.  That also makes our mind, body and spirt happy too, and we
want to feel happiness and joy right?

I would love for you to start having great conversations with yourself as
soon as possible.  You’re definitely worth it and I hope that you know
know that you’re worth it.

I have a list of 10 questions that I put together for you to use everyday.
Start each day by reviewing all of these questions so that it can eventually
become cemented in your mind, which will lead to you automatically asking
yourself these questions on a daily basis.  It’s a pretty neat things to have
that happen.

Many years ago I started to ask my self these questions and many more
all the time.  It’s amazing what you start to realize when you do this everyday.

These are the questions:

1.  How can I make it important to consider and honor my own needs?

~You need to honor and take care of yourself first in order for you
to take care of other people.

2.  What is it going to take for me to start speaking the truth to myself,
     because truth is powerful?

~Have you ever heard the saying that truth hurts?  Well, it only hurts
when you are in denial about something.  Once you are ready to
face the truth, the truth will set you free.  I’m sure you’ve heard that
too.  It’s really not that scary like you might think.

3.  How am I going to know of my self-worth which is priceless?

~Knowing your worth is the key to everything which makes it
priceless.  Many of your struggles would disappear if you knew
your worth deep down in your heart.  The worth of your soul
is great in the sight of God.

4.  How can I let go of any fear that I have?

~Holding on to fear can be so devastating in so many ways. If you
haven’t already listened to episode #011 on Fear, then I invite you
to go and listen to it after.  Letting go of fear is so liberating.

5.  Do I have things that I doubt?  And if I do how do I let it go of that doubt?

~Doubt your doubt before you just accept it.  Episode #012 of this
podcast is about Doubt, so go and listen to that episode if you
haven’t had the opportunity yet and it will help you understand
a little bit more about this crazy thing called doubt.

6.  How do I let go of any shame that I feel?

~So many times shame just gets in the way of moving forward and
asking questions.  Again, in this podcast I created episode #013
that talks about Shame.  Please go and listen to it to get a better
understanding of shame.

7.  What value do I bring to my life and to those that are in my life?

~Have you ever thought about the value that you bring to yourself
and anyone else that you come in contact with, including your
family, friends, co-workers, etc?  Everyone has value that is
important to relationships, starting with the relationship with
yourself and then with everyone else.  The gifts, talents and
knowledge that you possess are of great value and need to
be held as such.  All of those things helps to create meaning
in your life and in the lives of those you care about.

8.  What is it going to take for me to feel joy everyday?

~Where here on earth to have joy as well as other things and
sometimes it’s hard to feel joy when life is moving so quickly.
So ask yourself if you’re feeling joy and if not, why not.

9.  Do I know that creativity is something that is already inside of me,
not outside of me?

~Everyone on this planet has the gift of creativity within them.  It is
not something that you acquire, it is a God given gift and it has a
purpose.  Everything you do is a creation.  Think about that everyday.

10. What do I need to do to be the creator of my success?

~It has to start with you and the decision that you make about creating
your success.  You have to want it and then take the steps needed in
order for success to happen.  Now, you don’t have to ask yourself
these questions in the order that I have them listed because it’s not
the order in which you ask these questions, but it’s the nature of the
questions themselves.
These are really powerful questions and to be asking yourself about
these things will have such a powerful effect on you and your life.
I can promise you that.

I have done it myself for years and I can tell you that it has had such a great
and powerful impact on me and how I live my life.  I know that I have become
a much better person in how I do things, the way I live my life and much more.
I’m not saying that I have it all figured out or I’m perfect because I don’t have
it all figured out and I know I’m far from perfect. I just feel better mentally,
emotionally and spiritually and I would love for you to feel all of that too.

Like I always say, write things down, get it out of your head and on to paper.
Writing things down has power.  It’s amazing what happens when you actually
read your own writing.  As much as possible I recommend writing thing down
on paper with a writing instrument of some kind instead of typing it out on your
phone or computer.

I invite you to try this out for 7 days and see how you feel after just a week of
asking yourself these powerful questions.  You will be glad you did.

Please send me an email at janin@fashionablefinance.com and let me know if
you’ve tried this exercise and how it worked for you.  I would really love to hear
from you.  I welcome any questions that you might have as well.

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a huihou malama pono, which means – until next time, take care

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Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

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Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
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episode #007 – Holistic Health with Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner


Aloha, in this episode I interview Bridgit Danner who is an
online women’s health practitioner at bridgitdanner.com.
Her career in healthcare began in 2004 as an acupuncturist
in Portland, Oregon.  After honing her skills in community
and private acupuncture clinic, and the Yoga-Health studio,
Yoga Pearl, she opened her own clinic in 2007.

In the excitement and stress of opening a clinic, getting married and having a baby all
in one year, Bridgit became disconnected with health and spirit. She was fortunate to
find the both the tools of online coaching, real food nutrition and functional medicine
and the talented practitioners who helped her heal.

Using these new health care tools, and with a passion for online business, she opened
Joyful Mammas, an online fertility enhancement program, in 2011.
Ready to broaden from the topic of fertility to holistic health for every woman, she
established bridgitdanner.com in 2014 to provide a variety of expert resources in
womenʼs health for conscious women around the world.

Great topics Bridgit mentioned:  Tools to be Happy and getting to know your hormones.

Connect with Bridgit:

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Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Productions
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
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Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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