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Money Can Take The Luster Out Of Life

Do you ever feel like money takes the luster out of life?

Money is something people really don’t like to talk about, but we all want money.

We have to get to a point where we get comfortable talking about it and figure out
how we can deal with it and not let it suck the life out of us.

When you’re stressed about money, it shows on your face, it shows up in the
conversations that you have.

Don’t give all of your good energy to stressing over money.

There are things that you can do to alleviate a lot of that stress, like prepare, take
the time to figure out how much money you can set aside every month to use as backup.

Aloha, Janin

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Are You A Shopaholic?

Are You A Shopaholic-I had an interesting conversation with a young bank teller yesterday, and I
would guess that she’s in her early 20’s – she was very open to sharing her
thoughts with me.

As she was working on my financial transaction, I was curious to know if
she managed her money(better) and made better financial decisions because
she worked at the bank.

I’m not afraid to ask people questions if I really want to know something…
so, I asked her if she learned to manage her money better because she
worked there and, if the bank sent her to some kind of training to her help
with her own finances.

She smiled at me and chuckled a little and then said “NO, I’m a Shopaholic
and the bank doesn’t teach their employees any of those things.”

She loves to buy clothes and I completely understand!

Who doesn’t want the latest and cutest style of clothes coming out every
month?  After all, we women need to look stylish, right?  😉

I find that it’s a really common thing among so many women of all ages
in society that don’t manage their money and don’t manage it very well.

Then I asked her how she keeps track of her money and she said that
she just uses the bank app that she downloaded onto her phone.

That is also what other women have told me for the last couple of years
about how they keep track of their money and finances.

Ladies, I don’t recommend that you try to keep track of your money
and finances on an app that you’ve downloaded onto your phone.
(This is my opinion from years of experience helping women)
The amount of hacking that is going on in the world today is just
unbelievable.  I’m not trying to scare anyone, I’m just sharing what
I have seen happen to people.  We all need to be aware of what’s
going on.

I love to ask really powerful questions all the time and I want to ask
you this:

What would happen if you lost your phone or it got stolen?

I know many people who have had those things happen to them.
Life at that moment becames a nightmare in so many ways and I’m
sure you’ve heard of some of those nightmares from someone you
know or know of.

It’s always better to write things down on paper and have a backup.
Many people I know keep track of their money and finances use an
excel spreadsheet, I’m one of them.  I also write everything down on
paper as well, because I like to see things written out – it makes more
sense to me.

Now, I know that an excel spreadsheet scares a lot of people, and if
that’s you, then just use a word or text document instead.  In the excel
spreadsheet that I created, I log in all of my receipts from shopping
(every single purchase) and I do this about every couple of days.  By
the end of the month I have a total of all my spending, which includes
necessities like food, gas, personal care products, etc.

You’ll be amazed what happens when you do this every month.

You’ll start to see where you’ve spent money frivolously and how  much
you’ve spent.  It’s an eye opener for sure!

Of course you don’t have to get all fancy like that with an excel spread-
sheet, just a piece of paper will work well too.

Let’s make our money work for us and not let it slip out of our hands so
easily…by letting the Shopaholic out and free to roam.

This bank teller was so sweet and before leaving, I thanked her for being
so honest with me and that I appreciated her sharing.

I know that talking about those things make people feel uncomfortable,
so let’s start talking about it so that it becomes comfortable.

Aloha, Janin

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Feeling Bad About Your Body At The End Of The Holiday Celebrations?

Feeling Bad About Your Body At The End Of The HolidayCelebrations-

Are you coming off of the holidays and end of the year celebrations feeling yucky?
(yucky is a real word, I looked it up in the Webster’s Dictionary)

Yucky seems to be the only word that really describes what it feels like after
the Holidays.

Just when you thought you had enjoyed the holidays- something crept in to
make you feel yucky because maybe, you ate too much and you didn’t take
care of yourself during the holidays.  Or, maybe you spent way more money
than you had, and you don’t want anyone to know about any of these things.

It happens to the best of us – you’re not alone.

It’s common that many women feel bad about their body after the holidays
especially when they felt like they ate way too much.  There’s so much
temptation with all the amazing food that’s around.  That can make anyone

I want to ask you some questions and take a minute to think about it:

  • Do you have bad or negative feelings about your body?

  • Do you find yourself not wanting to look in the mirror
    because you don’t want to see how much weight you
    have gained?

  • Do you find yourself wearing baggy clothes because
    you don’t want people to see how much weight you
    have gained?

  • Are you stressing out because you spent way too much
    money and now you don’t know how you are going to
    pay your bills this month?

The end of the holidays and the start of the new year is not supposed to feel like this.

How do you feel about it?  Whatever your thoughts are about that, it’s O.K. that’s just
part of life.

If you let it, feeling yucky about those things can consume your life.

Feeling bad about your body didn’t just start during this past holiday season.  Feeling
bad about your body always starts at an early age and I’ve talked a little bit about it

Wearing baggy or oversized clothes is not the solution.

Why would you want to torture yourself and feel bad about your body and how you

Here is what I want you to put into place because you’re worth it:  Start treating your
body like it’s a gift.  I know it sounds crazy, but just trust me and try it out.

God gave you and I an amazing body and we have to appreciate it and think of it as
a gift.

Just think about all of the wonderful things your body can do – walk, run, give a hug
and so much more.

Turn that torture and bad feelings about your body and how you look upside down
and see what’s on the other side.  It’s the same thing with your finances if you spent
more than you had.

Sometimes we all do things that are not the best for us.  That’s part of being human
and living life.  You have to experience things that are both good and bad, so that
you can learn and grow.  Welcome to life!

Now is the best part… decide what you want.  Do you want to continue to feel
bad about your body and your finances or do you want to work on letting it go?

A word of caution! . . . what ever you do, don’t compare yourself to anyone else
on this planet.  Comparison will knock you down and keep you down.  Remember
that you are unique, there is no one else like you on this earth.

You are special.

Making a decision on what you want is so powerful.  No one can ever take that
away from you.  Yes, it will take work for you to let go and overcome those bad
feelings, but it’s so worth it.

Anything of worth is going to take some work to make it better, and now is a
great time to get started and make that decision to overcome any bad feelings.
Especially since it’s the beginning of a new year and there seems to be a feeling
of hope at this time.

Remember, it’s not worth it to start off a new year feeling bad about your body
and your finances.

I am here to help you with your body image and getting your finances straight.
It is possible to feel good and get things in order.

Please contact me so that I can help you get started today.

Aloha, Janin

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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What You Wear

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What

It’s only obvious that everyone has to wear clothes everyday of their life.
What’s interesting about that is the fact that clothes cost money, it takes time
out of the day to care for and manage, and yet it is one of those things that we
don’t give much thought to.

It seems like it becomes somewhat robotic in our everyday life – thus becoming
one more thing that we have to do, which leads to not caring about what we wear.

I want to share with you the 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What
You Wear:

1.  It shows how you feel about yourself.

2.  When you care about what you wear, it shows in the way that you behave.

3.  It shows in how you interact with other people.

4.  You have the freedom of choice to buy the kinds of clothe that you like to

5.  You have the freedom of expression to wear the style of clothes that expresses
how you feel on the inside.

6.  Wearing wrinkled clothes will create a nagging thought in your mind about
whether or not someone is going to notice and say something to you about
your wrinkled clothes.

7.  Your hard earned dollars are being used to buy your clothes.

8.  It takes up your time and energy to wash and take care of your clothes.

9.  The clothes you wear can either make you look good or make you look
like you could care less.

10.  When you look good, you feel good!

I think #10 is the best reason of all to care about what you wear, It really
should be the #1 reason.   Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good?

I can’t even emphasize enough how important it is to care about what you
wear on a daily basis.  I have seen all of these 10 things happen to women
for many, many years while sewing for and dressing women of all ages,
nationalities, body types, and with different income levels.

Even with all of the differences that women have in those areas, they still
have the same feelings and desires as the rest of the women around them.

I know that all of these things are true and they do make a big difference
in your everyday life, so I want to encourage you to start to care about what
you wear starting today.

Aloha, Janin
“When you look good, you feel good”

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episode #018 – Service – It Makes You Feel Good

Service-It Makes You Feel Good

I want to talk to you about service.
What comes to your mind when you hear that word?
I’m talking about the kind of service that you would render to someone.

Service brings all kinds of thoughts to our mind.  Sometimes people
haven’t had the best experience with service and some people haven’t
had any experience serving.

Everything that we do has some kind of impact on other people’s lives,
whether you’re working at your job, or in a community.

Let me ask you another question.  Have you ever been a recipient of
someone doing service for you or to you?

Serving someone if one of the greatest things you could ever do in your
life and I can say that because I have experienced it, I have talked to many,
many people who give service and have received service.  I have found
that serving other people is not something most people think about on a
daily basis.

Now, I’m not talking about the kind of service that you sacrifice your health,
family or anything like that.  That’s why the word service scares people
because that’s what they think will happen; if you serve in any capacity
you’re going to have to sacrifice those things.  But…I’m talking about
the kind of service that would help, uplift, make a difference in someone’s
life.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or extreme that’s not what
I’m talking about.

There’s not enough talk about being of service.  I know it’s because people
are so consumed with their own life that it’s hard to think about being of
service to others and that’s a natural feeling, that’s how things are now
and everyone is really busy.

Everywhere you go, you see people rushing around, rushing to and from
work, rushing to take their kids to school and then to their extra-curricular
activities and sports practices.  Rushing home to make dinner.  It’s really
hard sometimes to be of service when you’re doing all these things for
your family.

I get that because I’ve been there too.  My kids were young at one point
and I was driving them all over the place.  But there needs to be more
talk of service and there needs to be more “doing” of service as well,
you can’t just talk about it, you actually have to do it and experience it.
There’s something that you really get when you serve somebody and
it’s not even something that somebody can explain to you how that
feeling is when you give service.

I want to give you one small example of service from my Grandmother,
this is what I witnessed growing up that she did.  She was the greatest
example of someone giving unconditional service and unconditional
love, and kindness and caring.

When I was little, my Grandmother used to take one of her cousin to
work and he worked at the University Of Hawaii, and I live here in Hawaii.
She lived only about 10 to 15 minutes away from the University and he
worked there in the maintenance department and he wasn’t able to drive.
He lived with his siblings and parents, which was only a few minutes away
from my Grandmother, so she would go every night – because he worked
in the evenings and pick him up, take him to the University so that he could
go to work and then she would go and pick him up from work and take him

I was blessed and lucky enough that I used to go with her a lot when she
used to pick him up and drop him off to work, I was a really little girl – I don’t
even remember how old I was when I used to go with her.  I know I was
in early elementary and maybe even younger, so you’re talking a long time
ago(that’s beside the point!).  I always remember sitting beside her in the
car and it was always fun to be with my Grandmother anyway and I still
think about that till this day.

I don’t remember how many years she did that. She is no longer here
and she passed away about 11 years ago.  She was my greatest example
of just doing things that would help somebody, something so small and in
her eyes it was no big deal, but I’ve witnessed what a great impact it had
on her cousin and his family because his family members didn’t drive either.

I’m just in awe of someone giving up that much time, now I don’t know how
many days of the week she did that or any of that, I didn’t keep track and
I know that she did that for many, many years.

But I still think to myself about how amazing that was, where she never
complained, she just did it because she knew he couldn’t drive and I knew
there were times when he caught the bus as well.   There were many, many
times and years that she picked him up.

The kind of service that I’m talking about can be something like that if you
do have the time and you do have the resources to go and do that.  But
service doesn’t have to be that big, it doesn’t have to be where you pick
somebody up all the time and take them somewhere, it could be taking a
meal to the if you know they’re sick or not feeling good or if somebody
just had a baby you could go and take a meal and just be of service – it’s
amazing, the feeling that you’ll get.

Because I’ve had this great example all my life from my Grandmother, I’ve
done those things myself just naturally without even thinking about it, and
I’m so grateful that I had that example because I don’t think I would be doing
or have done any of the things I’ve done to give of myself and to give service
to people that need it.  Sometime we think that we don’t have time and it’s
such a hassle, but if you actually make your first attempt if you’ve never,
ever given service to anyone, I would definitely encourage you to try it at least
one time.

If you know somebody that needs a meal, if they’re having a rough time
going through some kind of really stressful event that happened in their
life or a death in the family – go and take them a meal, just drop it off and
let them know that you’re thinking about them.

It’s just so amazing and like I said earlier, I was a recipient of people doing
service for me as well, like when I’ve had my children I had many wonderful
friends bring meals for me and my family when I got out of the hospital and
just little things like that and another friend who offered to take my other
children to school because I had just gotten home from the hospital after
having another baby.

It really makes you feel like everything is going to be O.K. because sometimes
you go through life and you just wonder… are you doing to make it?  You
have times where you feel like… I just feel like doing this anymore!  Or you’re
frustrated and you have no idea how you’re going to get over that frustration.
Life is hard sometime, sometimes it can be harder than others and so you’ll
never know what kind of difference you’ll make in somebody’s life.

I’ve actually had people tell me so many times – “thank you so much what
you did it really made my day, I just was having a hard day.”  I’ve done so
many things over the years and people have thanked me before and I didn’t
really keep track of those thank you’s because it just makes me feel good,
so it’s not something that I needed to write down.

But those things and those feelings and gratitude from other people never
leave you, it just makes you feel really good and it makes you actually want
to give more service as often as possible.  This is something that I think we
need more of and I think it’s something that we need to do more often and
the reason that I say that is that we’re so caught up in our own lives, and it’s
really difficult to think about other people when we’re stressed out and some-
times we think that if we have an idea of doing something nice for somebody,
sometimes you’ll have a thought “oh, they don’t need it they’re fine”, “they’re
tough” or “they’re a really strong family” or “that person’s really strong they’ll

We have thoughts in our head that we think that when we have that little
thought come into our mind about “oh, maybe I should ask them to see if
they need anything”.

Sometime the automatic response and thought that you would have is “oh,
they probably wouldn’t want anything from me anyway”, you might even
have thoughts of like “well, why would they even want anything from me?”
We always think that so many other people are better than we are and
they don’t need anything from us or they have more money than we do so
they can buy whatever they need, but that’s not always the case. Even
people that do have more money than you, still need service and love
and compassion from others because money doesn’t buy happiness –
money just gives you more options.  Money gives you more opportunities
and things like that, but the true source of happiness really comes from
service and giving and sometimes I think we need to give more than we

I’m talking from experience, I’ve had moments years and years ago where
I don’t think I was serving very much – I was trying to take as much as possible
from others, not in a bad way but because I had things going on or life was
stressful at the time.  So now I feel like I want to make up for all of that taking
that I did, but sometimes we do need to take but we need to view it as receiving
verses taking because when you receive, it’s a very different emotion and thought
and a way of living versus just taking.  Taking, is all about just what’s in it for you,
but receiving is allowing the other person to feel good as well as – me feeling good
for the gift that somebody else is giving me and in the gift of service.

So, think about that for awhile.  I really hope that you have a desire to serve, and
like I said if you’ve never served or done anything like that – I really encourage you
to try it at least once.

I would really love for you to tell me what kind of service you’ve done and any of
you that are listening, I would love for you to share with me some of the things
that you’ve done as a service or some of the things that you’ve received when
someone has given service to you.  It doesn’t have to be anything major, some-
times we think our stories are not significant, but you’ll be amazed at how significant
they really are.

I would love for you to connect with me at janin@fashionablefinance.com and
even if you have a comment too, I would love your comments and if you have
anything else that you would like me to talk about and create another episode,
I would love for you to share that with me.

Please share this podcast too with other people that you know who you think
would be able to benefit from the things that I’m sharing.  All the things that
I share is always the things that I’ve learned and gone through in my life and
learned by experience and so please share this message with other people,
you’ll be amazed at how it could really help someone when you didn’t think
it could.  So let them know where they can listen to this recording, they can
go to iTunes and they can search for Fashionable Finance or they can go to
my website at fashionablefinance.com and it’s right there on my website, you
can listen to it as well over there.

I would appreciate it if you would go to iTunes and give me an honest rating
and an honest review, I would really appreciate that and it lets me know what
you folks are liking and not liking and what you think is of value.  I only want
to share value, I don’t want to share anything that’s not worth your time.

I want to sum it up by saying that service is one of the greatest things that
you could ever do in your life and I know that for sure because I’ve witnessed
it and I’ve done it myself and I’ve been the recipient of service as well.   I know
the countless number of other people who have been the recipient as well
and they’ve shared with me the blessings and relief that it’s brought to them.

Get creative and think about what is one neat thing that you could do for some-
body and it doesn’t have to be a meal, it doesn’t have to be anything extravagant –
you can even pick up the phone if haven’t talked to somebody in a really long time,
let them know that you were thinking about them and how they’re doing and just
wanting to know if everything is O.K. It could be something as simple as writing a
card to let them know that you’re thinking about them if you don’t want to call.

There’s so many ways that you could give of service and even though writing a
card and calling somebody on the phone may not seem like a service but… it is!
Trust me, I’ve heard from many people who have felt like it was such a great service
to them.

Brainstorm on paper, remember I always say “write everything down, get everything
out of your head and on to paper”  Just jot down a few ideas that you might have
on what kind of service that you could offer to someone.  It will make you feel good
and it will help you sleep really good at night.

I thank you so much, I really appreciate you being here and listening to this episode
and listening to me, I want to send out some wonderful Hawaiian sunshine to all of
you listening out there and I appreciate any new listeners that we have.  Again, I
would love for you to send me a message, you can even go to my website and
leave me a voicemail, you just click on the voicemail tab on the right-hand side
and let me know what you think!

I want to thank you.

a hui hou malama pono – until next time, take care

You can also find me at facebook.com/fashionablefinance.com and

I hope you are enjoying listening to this podcast!

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Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Production
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net

Dennis Pavao-Album Cover





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episode #010 – Create Your Now With Kristianne Wargo

 KristianneAloha, in this episode of the Fashionable Finance Podcast,
I interview Kristianne Wargo who empowers and encourages
women from all walks of life to rediscover, rejuvenate and
renew who they are in mind, body and spirit while reaching
their health, fitness, life and business goals. She is the CEO
and Founder of Create Your Now. Kristianne is a Certified
Professional Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness
Nutritionist specializing in weight loss, metabolic training,
functional fitness, and lifestyle transformation.

Kristianne is a wife (21 years) and mother of 5 children
(ages 10-18), as well as a speaker, mentor, musician,
author, songwriter, educator and coach. Her aspirations
are to help others love their reflection while becoming
their best selfie.!

Connect with Kristianne:
email:  kristianne@createyournow.com

I hope you are enjoying listening to this podcast!

Please share this podcast with anyone that you know of
who will benefit from the things that are in each episode.

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Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Production
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net
Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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episode #009 – Wellness Mentor Kendra Kantor

Kendra KantorAloha, in this episode I interview Kendra Kantor who is a
Wellness mentor and Guide for creative women who suffer
with mental health issues take action toward becoming the
person they want to be and living a life they have created
to enjoy.  Through her completely honest blog posts,
awesome freebies and one-on-one mentoring, Kendra is
here to help you figure out who you really want to be –
while making it all feel like you’re just chatting to your bff!

Her fans and customers have called her “compassionate”
with a “loving nature” and a “gentle guidance and style”
that really speaks to women with mental illnesses.  Kendra
“provides a gentle space where women can be validated,
understood and supported.”

I just loved how Kendra is so brave and honest about her
anxiety that she suffers from.  We all deal with something
in our life, you are not alone.

Connect with Kendra:
~email: hello@kendrakantor.com
Start improving your self worth with her free “I Am Proud!”
journal!  ~kendrakantor.com/proud

I hope you are enjoying listening to this podcast!

Please share this podcast with anyone that you know of
who will benefit from the things that are in each episode.

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Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Productions
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net
Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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episode #008 – Ladies, Let’s Get Control Of Your Finances!

Aloha, have you ever wondered if your finances were controlling you?

In this episode, I talk about why you need to get control of
your finances, some of the ways in which to
do that and how you are affected by not having the
necessary control of money coming in and money
going out each month.

What women think about their finances:

  • It’s a humbug

  • they don’t like to manage it

  • they don’t like to think about it

  • deal with it

  • boring,

  • stresses them out

Your finances involves:

  • rent or mortgage

  • electric

  • water

  • cell phone

  • food

  • gas and more

You need to have a system in place:

  • need to write things down

  • get a notebook

  • take 15 minutes, write down all the bills you have

  • set up a system that works for you

  • set up bill paying to be deducted automatically from a checking account

Need to control what money you have:

  • have a strong desire to overcome and to get a system set up

  • if you need help, ask!

  • it’s good to have  support

Women want freedom:

  • to do the things we want to do

  • women like to have control

Finances do control you if you don’t have a system set up and don’t have a flow

This topic is not interesting to talk about, that’s why having a system setup can help you
feel at ease and not stress out about paying bills, because sometimes you may not be
sure if there’s enough money to pay your bills.

What about you?  Everything is connected:

  • take a good look at yourself, what do you see?

  • write down what’s going on in your life

  • how you’re feeling

  • be honest with yourself

To make sure you’re on track and to create a habit that will help you start controlling
things in the right way, you have to start somewhere.

Try this:

  • just take a few minutes everyday and write things down

  • take small steps

  • write down how much income is coming in each month

  • spend a few minutes everyday taking care of your finances

You can’t live without money:

  • everyday it takes money for us to live

  • everyday you’re spending money

It’s ok to talk about your finances, don’t be ashamed.  That’s why
my business name is fashionable finance, the word ‘fashionable’ is
meant to be used in a way that refers to your finances as being OK
to talk about it.

My goal is for you to learn all the things you need to learn on the go
because we’re all busy.

I hope you are enjoying listening to this podcast!

Please share this podcast with anyone that you know of
who will benefit from the things that are in each episode.

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Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Productions
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net
Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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episode #007 – Holistic Health with Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner


Aloha, in this episode I interview Bridgit Danner who is an
online women’s health practitioner at bridgitdanner.com.
Her career in healthcare began in 2004 as an acupuncturist
in Portland, Oregon.  After honing her skills in community
and private acupuncture clinic, and the Yoga-Health studio,
Yoga Pearl, she opened her own clinic in 2007.

In the excitement and stress of opening a clinic, getting married and having a baby all
in one year, Bridgit became disconnected with health and spirit. She was fortunate to
find the both the tools of online coaching, real food nutrition and functional medicine
and the talented practitioners who helped her heal.

Using these new health care tools, and with a passion for online business, she opened
Joyful Mammas, an online fertility enhancement program, in 2011.
Ready to broaden from the topic of fertility to holistic health for every woman, she
established bridgitdanner.com in 2014 to provide a variety of expert resources in
womenʼs health for conscious women around the world.

Great topics Bridgit mentioned:  Tools to be Happy and getting to know your hormones.

Connect with Bridgit:

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Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Mahalo for listening.

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Productions
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net
Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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episode #006 – Unusual Things That Inspire You

Aloha, In this episode of the Fashionable Finance Podcast,
I talk about the “Unusual Things That Inspire You”, just
by looking at something and then you get that spark of
inspiration.  Sometimes it’s the most unusual things and
sometimes it’s the most unusual places and or places that
inspires you.

I really love teaching and sharing the things that I know and
have done.  I’m also all about helping you learn and grow
and to be able to find joy and creativity in everything you do.
You know, there’s always so many things to learn about in
life and I think that’s great, so I want to be part of your
world of learning and I want to teach you the things that
I’ve taught other people.

Have you ever looked around and saw something that has been
there for a very long time,but then for
that moment you see it in
a whole different light for some reason.  It could be something
really small
like a decorative vase or a potted plant, maybe even
a decorative pen and pencil holder.

That’s what happened to me as I was sitting here at my computer
thinking about things and as I was
thinking my eyes seemed to
have some sort of mind of its own and started to wander around
the room
slowly looking at the things that are around me as if it
everything was new.  

Then all of a sudden you get a spark of inspiration just at that
moment that you set your eyes 
on one item almost as if you
were looking at it for the first time.

For some reason you can’t take your eyes off of it, your gaze
seems to be locked in at that moment
as you study with great
interest all the little details and colors that you haven’t seen
before.  All at the
same time thinking to yourself ‘why only now
do I see the things that I see’ or ‘why only now is it
to me’.

I think that in our moments of deep and quiet thinking or pondering
are we able to be inspired and see
things in a whole new way
like when you flip on a light switch in a room, everything comes
alive not only
for our eyes but for our heart and mind to see as well.

Inspiration comes in many forms and in many ways.  For everyone
it’s very different, sometimes it’s the
unusual things that inspire us
and sometimes it’s at the most unusual time too!  It’s a good idea
to make
a mental note (or a physical note if you are someone that
needs to write things down) of the item/s,
time of day and even
the location of something that has set your mind in motion of

I invite you to listen to this episode and see if you’ve
experienced inspiration from unusual things and/or
unusual places.

Please share this podcast with anyone that you know of
who will benefit from the things that are in each episode.

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Mahalo for listening.

Connect with me:  janin@fashionablefinance.com

Aloha, Janin Johnston

Music by: Dennis Pavao
Song: Ipo Lei Manu
Album: Wale No
Produced by: Pilialoha Productions
If you would like to order a copy of this CD you
can send an email request to Pilialoha Productions
at: makai@maui.net
Dennis Pavao-Album Cover

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