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Excitement For The Day!

Do you wake up every morning excited for the day?

I’ve been asking myself that same question for a while now.

Because of all the things I have to do on a daily basis, I haven’t been waking
up excited for the day.  What is going on?

There are so many people out there who are going through the same thing.

Think back to when you were a kid, you’ll be able to remember what were
those things that made you excited, because we all need to look forward to



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What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life And With Your Finances? – Part 2

What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life...-pt.2

In Part 1 of this article, I talked about how women love pain, they’re not taught
from a young age how to be successful in their personal life and how success
with finances is connected with success in their personal life.

I hope you had a chance to do the assignment that I talked about at the end of
the article.  It was the first step to take on the road to finding out what you need
to be successful in your life and with your finances.  I also mentioned that every-
one is different and because we’re all different, there are different keys to unlock
your success.

But, the first step of writing everything down on paper and getting it out of your
head is the first key to use, no matter who you are, where you come from and
what your circumstances were and are at this time; it works for everyone.

Now that you’ve written everything down (that was in your head) on paper, you
can now see what it is that is going on.  You might even see things that are the
things you love, want to do, want to see, want to have, want to feel and more.
The main thing is that you wrote it all down!

Let me ask you…are you surprised by what you wrote down on paper?  Are
you confused? Usually the things that are in your head are the things that
you think about on a regular basis.  Somewhere in there, there is your values
all mixed up with the other things that don’t really have a lot of value if you
really look at it…that’s why I always say to write everything down on paper-
that’s where the magic happens!

In order to have any kind of success in any area of your life, you have to know
what is going on in your head, what your values are and what you value the most.
True and lasting success that makes you happy is usually the things that you
value…a lot and the most.

We also keep our values in our heart without even realizing it.  What we hold
dear and value is connected to your heart as well as your mind, it’s never in just
one place.

To find out what you really need to have success in your life and with your finances,
ask yourself this question-What do you personally really need to be successful in
your life and with your finances at this time?
  Only you can answer this question
because success means different things to different people.

The answers to these questions can usually be found in the things that you wrote
down, it may seem a little to simple but it is really simple, the things that you hold
in your heart is what your going to need to be successful.  You might have discovered
that how you’re living your life and the things that you’re doing may be contrary to
what you feel in your heart.

Asking simple but powerful questions will help you unlock the keys to your success.
Asking “how” and “what” questions on a daily basis is a great way to move you
forward.  Ask yourself questions like “how can I get to where I want to go with
  (what you want)  ?” and/or “what do I need to do to have success with (what you
want to have success with)  ?

Practice asking yourself these questions everyday and pay attention to what you
come up with, you might find that an idea will pop into your mind or you might have
a conversation with someone and they might be able to help you.  You just never
know!  Keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities.

It may seem like all of this is a lot of work, but it’s not!  Once you start making this
a regular practice of writing things down and asking yourself questions daily will
make a big difference.  I want to encourage you to try this out for a week and see
what happens.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this article coming soon.

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When You Learn Something New…

When you learn something new, think about where it would fit into your life.

There’s always new things that you learn all the time, and you might not even realize it.
Take a minute and think about the last time that you learned something new… if you can’t
think of anything right now, that’s OK, give it some time.

Read on so that you can get some ideas on what would work for you.

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