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What Is Your Style?

Do you even have a style?  I want to talk about it because many people
are confused about style.

Have you heard people talk about the different styles called – a girly look,
a edgy look, a classic look, a vintage look, a sporty look, a beach-y look,
a bohemian look, a punk rock look?

The styles of dress are diverse as people are.

Think about how you feel when you get dressed, deciding what your style
is just fun.  You can create the look and feel that you want.

Experiment with different styles and colors, you’ll be amazed at what you
can create.

Aloha, Janin

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Do You Have Bumps And Bulges You Want To Hide?

Find out what a printed fabric can do for you!

There are many types of fabric out there like I mentioned in my previous video
and I want to share with you in this video about the design or print that’s on
the fabric of the clothes that you’re wearing.

Sometimes when you go shopping for clothes, you are automatically are
attracted to the print or color.

Busy print fabric hides a lot of things like bumps and bulges, and

cotton fabric that is woven will camouflage your bumps and bulges because
it doesn’t cling to your body like a knitted shirt or blouse will.

We all want to look nice in our clothes, so pay attention to all the little details
of the clothes that you’re wearing.

Let me know if this video has helped you.

Mahalo for watching.

Aloha, Janin 

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Different Types Of Fabric | Be Aware Of What You’re Wearing

There are many different types of fabrics that your clothes are made out
of and I share some reasons why you should care.

There are natural fabrics like cotton and then there are man made fabrics
like polyester and rayon.

There are different ways that fabrics are made – woven and knitted, and
these fabrics can be loosely or tightly woven or knitted together.

You should be aware of what you’re wearing.

Some fabrics breathe well and others don’t, so make sure you try on
the clothing items before you buy it, because you won’t be able to tell
just by looking at it.

Aloha, Janin 

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Wearing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

People think that it’s ok to wear gold and silver jewelry together,
but from what I know is that gold and silver are not usually
complimentary when you wear them together, but, there are
exceptions to that rule.

Gold and Silver has it’s own vibe – gold gives off a warm feeling
when you’re wearing it and silver tends to give off a cooler type
of vibe, and the two different metals tends to clash when you
wear them together.

If you want to wear the two metals together, make sure that the
pieces have something in common like diamonds or that the
pieces are both the same like they both are delicate or both are

Aloha, Janin

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Color Tells A Visual Story About You

All month I’ve been talking about color and how important it is.  Color tells a
visual story by telling people what colors you like.  Do you like to wear bright
happy colors?

Wearing black and neutral colors also tells a story about if you like to be seen
or noticed.

Another way is – are you happy or not?  Do you wear your favorite or bright
colors?  Do you like to feel happiness and joy when you do wear those colors?

What you believe is another visual story that you’re telling. Do you believe that
wearing black or dark colors will make you look thinner?

You should wear you favorite color, it will make you happy.

Aloha, Janin 

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Colors For The Different Occasions

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Color is important.

Red, we usually associate that color with Valentine’s Day and we also
associate color with the other occasions through out the year, like
Easter – we think of the yellows and the pastel pinks and pastel blues.

Each color creates some kind of emotion and affects our lives without
us even realizing us.

Color can be very persuasive.  There’s a color psychology to every
color out there.

Wear the different colors that you don’t normally wear!  You have to
have a little variety in life.

Aloha, Janin

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Why Color Is Important

Have you ever wondered why color is important or why you hear
people talking about color?

Color is everywhere and it’s all around us, it affects our whole life.

We don’t always pay attention to color when we get dressed.

Light has a lot to do with color and everyone perceives color and
sees color differently.

Color brings so much joy and happiness into our lives.  You should
always wear your favorite color because it will make you feel good.

Color affects our moods and emotions.

Are you wearing your favorite color?  Think about the colors that you

Aloha, Janin

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Wearing All Black

Do you like to wear all black?  I want to bring your attention to the difference in color of your
black clothes.

Light will make the shirt and skirt look different, especially if the shirt is made from a different
fiber then the skirt (or pants if your are wearing pants).

As much as possible try to wear black clothes that are the same fiber content to prevent each
piece from looking dull or grey.

Aloha, Janin

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Summer Is Here! So What Are You Going To Wear?

Summer is here, so what are you going to wear?  Have you had a chance to think about it?

Summer time is really a fun time, especially when you can wear all of your really casual, loose
fitting and funky printed clothing.

And the really nice thing about that is, that you don’t have to give an explanation to anyone about
why you’re wearing what you’re wearing.  After all it’s summer right?  Anything goes!  Or does it?

I find it very interesting that in this 21st century so many people have gotten very, very lax in how
they dress.  I get it, people want to be comfortable in their clothes, nothing too restricting or binding
as well as not feeling or being hot in what they put on.  (I’m talking temperature hot, not looking hot!)
That’s for another time.  😉

Just because it’s summer time, doesn’t mean that you should dress sloppy and not care about what
you’re wearing or what you look like.

Do you know what styles of clothes you could wear on a hot summer day that will make you look
like you know how to dress?  And look cute at the same time.

Here are some really cute ideas for you to choose from

This orange maxi style dress is great to wear even if you’re only going to the beach or swimming
pool and while wearing your bikini underneath it.  You don’t always have to put on shorts and
a T-shirt when you’re heading out to the water.  A dress will be a lot cooler too, it allows the air
to circulate up and down your body.

A-Line V-Neck Dress

picture from macys.com

Are you planning on going to a pool or beach party in the afternoon and don’t know what to wear?
This blue ankle length maxi dress is a great look for when you’re at the party that’s continuing on
into the evening.  This dress is also great to wear if you’re self-conscious about your legs.

Details make all the difference in an outfit.  Take a look at the little detail on the back of this dress,
it has crisscross straps at the back scoop neckline, the straps of the dress are crocheted and
there is a slit on the left side of the dress from the knee down.

Macy's Maxi Dress
icture from macys.com

For those ladies that want to wear a casual dress with sleeves, here is a simple tie-dye shirt dress
made of cotton.  It has a round neckline, mid-bicep to elbow length sleeve (it depends on how long
you arms are) and the length of the dress comes to the knees.  This dress is definitely comfortable
for those of you ladies that want to be comfortable during the hot summer months.


picture from overstock.com

Not interested in wearing a dress, but you want to cover up your legs when you’re out enjoying
the world around you and visiting friends?  Bermuda shorts is another option for you to wear.
This particular shorts has a tummy-control panel sewn in the shorts for those of you that have
a tummy from having children or other reasons and need (or want) a little help with holding in your
tummy.  White is a great color for summer because white reflects the heat from the sun and keeps
you a little cooler while you’re on the go.

Tummy-Control Bermuda Shorts

                                                                      picture from macys.com

Bermuda shorts are also great for women that have varicose veins that are showing in your thigh
area and are self-conscious about it.  The nice thing about white is that you can wear just about
any kind of blouse or top with it and it can be any color of the rainbow that your heart desires.
After all it’s summer, why not have some fun wearing bright and beautiful colors – it will brighten
your day.

These are just some of the styles that you can wear this summer that will make you look like you
know how to dress and make you feel good at the same time.  Simple, comfortable and not sloppy.
We love that!  And who knows, you might even get compliments from those around you.

For those of you that live here in Hawaii like I do and other tropical places in the world, you can use
these styles of clothing more often than most of the people in the world.  No snow here in Hawaii!

The other nice part about these styles is that they don’t cost a lot.  You don’t have to spend a lot to
look good, you just have to buy the right pieces of clothing that works for your body shape, lifestyle
and budget.

Aloha, Janin

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