Financial Bliss

Financial Bliss – Your Short Plan For Long
Term Joy!

How you can have joy and financial bliss all at the same
time with this easy plan.

Introducing my ‘Financial Bliss – You Short Plan For Long Term Joy’ Program.

How you can have joy and financial bliss all at the same time with this easy

It’s a 3 week online program right from the comfort of your own home or
wherever you choose to be while you enjoy taking this program.

Imagine for a minute…

How you would feel once you have a short plan in place for you to have
financial bliss and long term joy.

I love to see women:

  • Make choices that will be rewarding
  • Taking action
  • Moving in the direction of their dream
  • Making the right commitments

I’m going to show you in detail how to get started using my simple process,
and this is what we’re going to cover each week:

Week 1: What is Financial Bliss and Long Term Joy!

  • What does financial bliss and long term joy look like for you.
  • Making a decision to have the financial bliss and long term
    joy you want.
  • How it will benefit you every minute of every day.
  • Why you deserve to have both.

Week 2: How to overcome obstacles and fears!

  • Identify what obstacles are standing in your way.
  • Where fear comes from.
  • Discover how powerful you really are.
  • How to quickly eliminate fear.

Week 3:  Setting your plan in motion!

  • Identify what methods work best for you.
  • Easy steps to move you in the direction of your plan.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every Monday for 3 weeks you will receive a PDF with the lesson information
    for that week.
  • Every week we will have a live 30 minute training call and 30 minutes of Q&A
    over the phone.  All of the calls will be recorded for you to playback.

This program is happening on 3 Tuesdays – November 18, 25 and
​December 2, 2014.
Time: 9am Hawaii time/11am pacific time/2pm eastern time

If you’re looking for financial bliss and joy, I invite you to sign up
for this program.

Sign up for the “Financial Bliss – Your Short Plan For Long Term
Joy” program now.

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Yes, I want to invest $27.00 in myself now! 


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Janin Johnston



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