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Life Is A Faith Building Experience

Life is one BIG classroom!  There’s always something to be learned
each5-27-14 From Kapiolani Park and every day and faith is one of those things that is learned
along the way.

Sometimes we don’t even realize that some of the things that we
do and go 
through takes faith.  Faith is to hope for things which
are not seen, but which 
are true.  To have faith is to have
confidence in something or someone.

What’s really magical is to watch little children play as they experience
life as 
much as possible being as little as they are.  They have this innate
ability to have 
faith in everything that they do and experience as well as for
the people who take care of 
them.  Children don’t worry about whether or not
everything is going to turn out okay.

Something happens along the way as were growing up in which faith seems to
have disappeared from our lives.  It’s like we have to learn how to have faith
all over again and it can be a rough thing to learn sometimes.

Learning to have faith is so rewarding once you can get to that place of having
hope and 
trust in those things that you cannot see.  It might take work, but you
just have to “go for it”and take a deep breath once you’ve done all you can do.

If you have forgotten what it was like to be a child and have that kind of faith, go
spend a moment or two watching little children at play.  You will be amazed
at what 
you see.  Children are a gift.  We can learn so many things from them.

We will always have faith building experiences for the rest of our lives, as we live
here on earth.  There’s no way around it, so do as little children do, just
have faith.  It is possible!  It’s an amazing thing to behold.

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Little Things That Happen To People Everyday!

There are many things that happen to people everyday without them
even realizing it.  They could be good or bad, depending on how
they look at it.

It’s pretty interesting that a lot of what happens gets unnoticed
because people are so busy with their lives, their family, their
career, their eyes are glued to electronic devices and more.

Some things that happen to me and others around me that I notice
all the time:

Someone smiles at you as they walk by, someone says good morning
or good afternoon to you, someone walking in front of you holds the
door open for you after they walk through it, when you accidentally
drop something and the person that’s the closest to you reaches down
to pick it up for you.

The list can go on and on.  The point is that people need to really start
paying attention to all of those little things that happen all around
them, everyday.  If they did there would be a lot more happiness,
courtesy and caring happening in this world.

The most simple little things are the one’s that have the biggest

It all starts with one person doing something nice everyday!

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Do Things Differently In Your Life! – Part 2

In part 1 of “Do Things Differently In Your Life” article,
I talked about why it is important to do things differently.
How things become a breeze when you become you.

I even apologized to my Mom for being difficult, even
though I didn’t say those exact words.  🙂

So, I want to talk a little bit more about the benefits of doing
things differently in your life.

-You start to feel like you are special, if you don’t already feel
like that.
Now, I’m not sure if you have even thought about feeling like
you’re special or that you even care to feel like that.  But,
I will say that when you start to care about how you feel about
yourself, everyone around you will start to notice and even
make a comment or two.  I want to challenge you to —-

Another benefit:

-Your sense of awareness becomes greater because you’re
not focusing on trying to be like or become someone else.
Greater awareness is always a good thing that’s for sure.
Who wouldn’t want to notice things around us that can
benefit us, or those that we care about.  It’s when we are
paying attention that we can enjoy the benefits of that
new found sense of awareness.  And the benefits will
definitely be different for everyone.

One more benefit:

-You’ll find that your level of confidence starts to grow.
You know something very interesting that I’ve noticed for
many years now, is that as peoples confidence level starts to
grow they start to realize that they aren’t so: dumb, stupid,
unworthy, ridiculous, foolish or …(you fill in the blank).
You start to have a lot of small little accomplishments that
lead you straight to a higher level of confidence as you keep
plugging away, doing things a little different (your own special way).

I know that all of these things do, and will take time.  This is not
something that happens overnight.  I want to encourage you
to hang in there, keep going, moving forward in the pursuit of
‘being you’ so that you can ‘do things differently in your life’
and reap all of the benefits that are waiting for you.

Start today, I am cheering for you! (rah! rah!)

I would love to help you in your pursuit of Doing Things
Differently In Your Life.  Click Here to schedule your complimentary
Discovery Session.


Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach

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