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Emotional Shopping . . . Women and Men Do It

Emotional Shopping

Men and Women do it. 

Emotional shopping, that sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?

Emotional shopping is a force to be reckoned with!  It has its grip and
boy it doesn’t want to let go especially when you’re feeling emotionally
overloaded, just plain mad and/or sometimes you just can’t figure out how
to deal with something that is happening in your world.

So . . . what do you do?  You go shopping! Continue reading

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What’s Going On In The World With All The Advertising?

What’s going on in the world right now with all the ads you see and hear
every where targeted to you to buy, buy, buy, making you want to shop,
shop, shop! 
It can become very overwhelming at times.  Do you have
the ability to control your shopping and buying impulses?

Do you really need to buy, buy, buy gadgets, gizmos and goodies
all the time?  
Probably not! Continue reading

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Do You Worry If There Is Enough Money?

Worry, it’s something that a lot of people do and seems to be a common thing,
is it necessary?  Well that’s a personal thing.

What is worry?  Basically it’s constant thoughts about something that plays
in your mind over and over and over again.  You might get to a point where 
you say to yourself or out loud:  Pleeeaaassseee … make it stop!

Why do you worry? It might be that you’re not sure how things are going to
work out and maybe there’s not enough
 information for you to see the whole
picture.  Asking for help and understanding is such a major key in 
yourself from constant worry.

Worrying about whether there is enough money or not can be a pretty
stressful thing.  Is it worth the worry?  I say – absolutely not!  Worrying,
more often then not leads to a lot of stress then over time you find yourself
getting sick and even when you get over your sickness the stress of worrying
if there’s enough money comes back.  What a vicious cycle!

There’s a cure for the ‘worry disease’ as I like to call it.

Here’s three steps to the cure:

Wanting to solve this worry disease is the first step to the cure:
You have to really want it bad enough in order for you to move
forward and take the necessary steps in solving this problem.
If you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time or make other
excuses, then there’s nothing else that you can do to make things

Asking great questions is the second step to the cure:
Questions like:  What can I do to solve this worry problem?
Who can I ask for help to solve this problem?
Writing down these questions and your answers can be very helpful
as you get started.
Look for someone to help you solve this problem that has had experience
in this type of situation and has had great results, that way they can
move you to solving these problems quickly and easily.

Taking action and following through with what needs to be done
is the third step to the cure:
Taking action can be scary sometimes, especially if you can’t see
the end result.  It’s too bad that the proof doesn’t come before the
end result.  I know it sounds crazy but wouldn’t it be nice if it were
possible!  That’s why it so important to work with somebody that has
already gone through and overcome this same kind of problem, that
person can testify that it’s possible and walk you through it.

Follow through can also be really hard if this process is very different
than anything that you’ve ever been through or done before.  Stick with
it no matter how hard it feels.  It’s always worth it in the end.  Just keep
that in mind.

Worrying is not good for you.  🙂


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What’s The Difference Between How Men and Women Think About Money?

The difference, It’s like night and day the way men and women think about their money,
it’s amazing how the different it really is.  Of course this is not the case for ever single
person out there in the world, but it is pretty common.

Listed below are 3 major differences that I see and hear all the time:

Difference #1 – Men aren’t afraid to ask for the amount of money they want and women
                            will just take what ever is given to them.

Difference #2 – Men don’t get over emotional about money and women will feel like
                            their not good enough.

Difference #3 – Men know that they need to make money to live and aren’t afraid to
                           go and do whatever they need to and women worry about finding 
                           just the right job first.

These 3 major differences can be a good or bad thing depending on a persons situation.
The only good thing I see is that we can learn something from these differences.

Men usually model their lives after their father or male figure that was in their life and
women usually do the same, finding themselves doing things just like their mother
or woman figure.  Sometimes men and women don’t even realize that they do these
kinds of things.

Difference #1 can be very scary for a lot of women, asking for money is not something
that is taught will growing up while men just seem to have that ability naturally.
You could ask yourself a question like:  How can I have the courage to ask for money?
Getting help from people that know how to help you is a must.

Difference #2, it’s real important to keep emotions out of the topic of money even though
it’s a hard thing to do because everyone is in a different place with their emotionally.
Ladies, when ever the subject of money comes up, remind yourself that getting over
emotional about money is not going to empower you or make your money situation
better.  Reminding yourself continually may be a great way to keep your emotions in
check.  Try it, you might like it!

Difference #3, quite often men will take the first job offer that comes their way if they
know they need money and they need it now and then they will consider looking at
other options.  Women have a great need to be happy where ever they are and at what
ever they are doing, that’s why it may take a little longer for women to find work because
they need to do a lot of research on each company or place that they are considering
before they apply and move forward.  

Ladies, if you’re not in a rush or need money immediately, I would keep doing what you’re
doing when looking for work.  Keep doing your research and find those places that you
know would make you happy.  But, if you do need money immediately, I would recommend
that you take action quickly and find something that will bring in income immediately and
then keep doing your research on finding work that will bring you happiness and job

It’s O.K. that men and women are different, that’s what makes life so interesting.
Oh yah, and keeps us on our toes!  Never a dull moment.

We can learn something from men. 🙂

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Learning To Make Friends With Your Money: How This Funny Idea Is A Good Idea

Have you ever thought about money in that way?  Making friends with it?

If you haven’t, then great!  I want to take you down a road of friendship.
Think about a friend that you have that’s a really good friend.  You both get
along really well, you’re always happy to see each other, there’s always a give
and take and selfishness has never shown its ugly self.

You know you have a really good friendship if both of you are laughing a lot,
sharing ideas, hopes and dreams, and sometimes even tears; tears of joy
and tears of sadness.

I hope that you all have at least one friendship like that; I know that I do
for sure.  What would life be like without one!  Probably a lot more difficult.

Sometimes, it takes some time to really have a solid friendship with your
money.  Just like your friendship with a person, sometimes it takes months
or even years for it to become solid for many reasons.

There’s a purpose for having friendships in your life as mentioned above,
and there’s also a purpose for being friends with your money.

Here’s some of the reasons why it’s a good idea:
Money, whether it’s made of paper or metal has an important purpose in
your life.

  • It doesn’t talk back (I’m being funny, but it’s true).
  • It doesn’t have selfish desires.
  • You can let it go and it will never have any hard feelings toward you.
  • It will never offend you.
  • It can bring you the food you need
  • It can bring you the clothes you need and want
  • It can provide a roof over your head
  • It can grow for you if managed well
  • It will stick around as long as you want it to!
  • It will let you use it to make someone else happy

These are just some of the things that being friends with your
money will do for you, there are a lot more that I didn’t list.

I just love how all of the things listed make you laugh, but
they are so true.  Doesn’t it just want to make you re-think
your relationship with money?

Being friends with your money doesn’t have to be hard,
you just have to want to be friends with it.

It is possible, the first thing you need to do is to decide.
Make that internal decision that you are going to get to that
point of friendship no matter what it takes.

The second thing you need to do is to ask for help.
Nobody gets to a better place all by himself or herself.
Progress is always made when there is support.

I would love to support you to get to where you want to be.

Please send me an email and let me know if you would like
to schedule a complimentary Fashionable Finance Discovery
Session at

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