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It’s Time For FASHION!

6:19:15-It's Time For FASHION

It’s time to add the FASHION into the!

For a while now I’ve only been writing, talking and podcasting about
you and your finances.  While learning about your finances is extremely
important, so is fashion (in my opinion of course).

I say that fashion is important because everyone has to wear clothes!
There’s just no way around it, especially when the weather is really
hot and humid and you don’t really want to put clothes on.

I will continue to talk about finances in between all of the fashion
information I share, because…what you wear does have an impact
on your finances!  I will be sharing with you why and how in the coming
months.  So stay tuned!

For right now I want you to know that It’s important to care about
what you wear.

I have a question for you:

Did you ever stop to think about what you wear everyday?

With life being so busy all the time, it’s really hard to get everything
in your life working for you the way you want it on a daily basis.
Fashion and clothes is not always the first thing on people’s mind
when they get up in the morning.  Sometimes I think a lot of people
are like me and are just happy to know that we even got out of bed,
especially when you’re tired and the bed is nice and cozy!

Ok, got a little off topic, but I just had to share that. 🙂

For some, the idea of having to put together an outfit feels frustrating
and then having to do it in the morning is even more frustrating,
especially if you’re in a rush to get ready, get children ready and get
out the door in time.  Oh yah, I forgot to mention all the stuff that needs
to happen in between the getting dressed and getting out the door.

It can make anyone crazy!  I’ve been there, done that.  It’s not fun.
Learning from the past is sooo great, because now I can help other
women with these kinds of things that I’ve gone through as a mother
with 4 children – trying to get out the door. (In one piece)

Learning how to dress and what clothes look best on you can be
simple and fun with some help if you’re open to recommendations.
Most women I know are open to learning what they can do to up their

Who doesn’t want to look good in their clothes, right?

I do know that not everyone is interested in fashion and style, and
that’s OK, you don’t have to be.  BUT, you do have to be interested
in knowing how to dress for your body type, what colors look best
on you and how to make sure your clothes fit you properly.  All of
these things will make a big difference on how you feel while you’re
wearing your clothes.

These three things are the most common areas of fashion and style
that a lot of people don’t know and understand, which ends up in
buying clothes that don’t work for them and a lot of money being
wasted on those items.

I know a few women that have bought clothes because they thought
the items were really nice and they loved the color and oh… it was on
sale and was really cheap, only to hang it in their closet with the store
tags still on the clothes and never, ever has these clothes seen the light
of day again.

Have you ever done things like that?

If you have, it’s OK.  I would just recommend that you ask yourself some
questions, like:

~Are you ever going to wear that item of clothing in your lifetime?

~What did you like about that item, that made you buy it?

~Did you buy it because you were just having a bad day

  and needed to do some emotional shopping?

~Does it fit you right?  If you don’t remember, try it on.

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then I would
recommend that you give it to someone that you know who would really
appreciate it and would fit into it.  Or, if you are ashamed to give it to
someone that you know then consider donating it to an organization that
helps women get back up on their feet and helps them look for a job.

These organizations always need new items of clothing for women to
look professional while they are going on job interviews.  Either way,
don’t hang onto it if you know you will never wear it.

It’ just creates clutter and takes up space in your closet that you could
be using for something that you’ll actually wear on a regular basis.  Believe
it or not, clearing out your closet is one of the first steps to learning about
how to dress for your body type, what colors look best on you and having
your clothes fit you right.

It’s the first step because when you have a closet full of clothes that you
don’t even wear, whether it’s brand new or not creates a place of confusion
and sometimes stress.  I can also bet that at least half of the clothes in your
closet don’t fit you right.

So, as soon as you can, open your closet and see what’s going on in there.
Start by pulling out an item of clothing that still has tags on them, or you
know that you will never wear again.  A little at a time is the best thing to
do, don’t try to tackle your closet all in one day.  No stressing allowed.

I know that if you just start there, you will immediately feel an interesting
kind of relief.  Try it and find out!

A Hui Hou Malama Pono, until next time, take care.



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What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life And With Your Finances? – Part 3

What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life...-pt.3

I want to start of with a short recap of Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series.
In Part 1, I mentioned a little about women love pain, that they’re not taught
at a young age how to be successful.  In Part 2 I talked about lasting success
comes from the things that you value the most.  Asking yourself simple “how”
and “what” questions on a daily basis is the key to unlocking your success.

The reason that I say that asking yourself these questions is because we all
have success inside of us, we know what is going to make us happy, what’s
in our heart, what kind of things we want, what we don’t want, what we need
to change to make it happen, and, possibly who we need to ask for help to
attain the success that we want.

It can seem overwhelming and scary. You can only take one step at a time in
order to make things happen.  If there’s only one thing that you take away
from reading these articles is that – you are only one person!  You can only
do one thing at a time, it’s not possible to be in two places at the same time
and be helping everyone else but yourself. Continue reading

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What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life And With Your Finances? – Part 2

What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life...-pt.2

In Part 1 of this article, I talked about how women love pain, they’re not taught
from a young age how to be successful in their personal life and how success
with finances is connected with success in their personal life.

I hope you had a chance to do the assignment that I talked about at the end of
the article.  It was the first step to take on the road to finding out what you need
to be successful in your life and with your finances.  I also mentioned that every-
one is different and because we’re all different, there are different keys to unlock
your success.

But, the first step of writing everything down on paper and getting it out of your
head is the first key to use, no matter who you are, where you come from and
what your circumstances were and are at this time; it works for everyone.

Now that you’ve written everything down (that was in your head) on paper, you
can now see what it is that is going on.  You might even see things that are the
things you love, want to do, want to see, want to have, want to feel and more.
The main thing is that you wrote it all down!

Let me ask you…are you surprised by what you wrote down on paper?  Are
you confused? Usually the things that are in your head are the things that
you think about on a regular basis.  Somewhere in there, there is your values
all mixed up with the other things that don’t really have a lot of value if you
really look at it…that’s why I always say to write everything down on paper-
that’s where the magic happens!

In order to have any kind of success in any area of your life, you have to know
what is going on in your head, what your values are and what you value the most.
True and lasting success that makes you happy is usually the things that you
value…a lot and the most.

We also keep our values in our heart without even realizing it.  What we hold
dear and value is connected to your heart as well as your mind, it’s never in just
one place.

To find out what you really need to have success in your life and with your finances,
ask yourself this question-What do you personally really need to be successful in
your life and with your finances at this time?
  Only you can answer this question
because success means different things to different people.

The answers to these questions can usually be found in the things that you wrote
down, it may seem a little to simple but it is really simple, the things that you hold
in your heart is what your going to need to be successful.  You might have discovered
that how you’re living your life and the things that you’re doing may be contrary to
what you feel in your heart.

Asking simple but powerful questions will help you unlock the keys to your success.
Asking “how” and “what” questions on a daily basis is a great way to move you
forward.  Ask yourself questions like “how can I get to where I want to go with
  (what you want)  ?” and/or “what do I need to do to have success with (what you
want to have success with)  ?

Practice asking yourself these questions everyday and pay attention to what you
come up with, you might find that an idea will pop into your mind or you might have
a conversation with someone and they might be able to help you.  You just never
know!  Keep your mind and heart open to the possibilities.

It may seem like all of this is a lot of work, but it’s not!  Once you start making this
a regular practice of writing things down and asking yourself questions daily will
make a big difference.  I want to encourage you to try this out for a week and see
what happens.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this article coming soon.

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What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life And With Your Finances?-Part1

What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life...-pt.1

What Do You Need To Be Successful In Your Life And With Your Finances?

Is that something that you think about?  Is it something that you even care about?
Life is going by so quickly that sometimes it may be hard to even take the time to think
about those questions.

This is what I’ve learned about having any kind of success in any area of life, and that
is that if you don’t plan and write things down on paper, then life is just going to drag
you along whatever course it wants to and that it’s usually not the course you really
want to be on.  It’s from past experience that I know this really well.  Boy, it really
can be trying.  It affects everything about you from your mental state, to affecting you
spiritually, physically and emotionally.

For some strange and crazy reason, women love to live in pain – all kinds of pain and
for long periods of time.   It might be that we can handle pain better then men! 😉

You know…It’s far and few between that women are taught how to be successful in
their own personal life.  These things need to be taught starting from when a woman
is young, even as early as pre-school.  In fact that’s the perfect age to start teaching
a little girl some of the things she’ll need to learn and understand because at that age,
she doesn’t know very much at all and is open to learning, is curious and can I say
very smart for her age.

Having success with your finances is all part of the learning process that needs to
happen at a young age as well.  It’s also connected with the successes you have
in your personal life, it may not seem like it’s connected but it is.

The fact is that we need money to live here on earth, there’s just no way around it.
So what do you do when you aren’t successful with your life and your finances?

With that said, what can you do about it now?  Obviously you have to start right
now where you are and go from here.  There’s no possible way of going back
and re-doing your childhood and adult years.  All is not lost!  There’s no better
time then now to learn the success habits that you will need to move forward.

There are many different keys to unlock your success.  Some work better then
others because were all different.  But there are a few basic keys that will help

Do you want to know what some of the basic keys to unlock your success is?
I hope so, I want you to be successful in your life.

One thing that I say all the time is to ‘write things down on paper’, that’s where
the magic happens.  It’s funny how often women will say that they have all of
their goals, dreams, to-do list all in their head.  There’s just no possible way
that any of that stuff in your head will all happen in the way that you want
them to.

Write everything down on paper that is floating around in your head.
That is your assignment (if you want to call it that) for this week.
I will have part 2 of this article next week, so stay tuned for more.

Remember, write everything down and get it out of your head!

Aloha, Janin

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Emotional Shopping . . . Women and Men Do It

Emotional Shopping

Men and Women do it. 

Emotional shopping, that sounds a little crazy doesn’t it?

Emotional shopping is a force to be reckoned with!  It has its grip and
boy it doesn’t want to let go especially when you’re feeling emotionally
overloaded, just plain mad and/or sometimes you just can’t figure out how
to deal with something that is happening in your world.

So . . . what do you do?  You go shopping! Continue reading

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What’s Going On In The World With All The Advertising?

What’s going on in the world right now with all the ads you see and hear
every where targeted to you to buy, buy, buy, making you want to shop,
shop, shop! 
It can become very overwhelming at times.  Do you have
the ability to control your shopping and buying impulses?

Do you really need to buy, buy, buy gadgets, gizmos and goodies
all the time?  
Probably not! Continue reading

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When You Learn Something New…

When you learn something new, think about where it would fit into your life.

There’s always new things that you learn all the time, and you might not even realize it.
Take a minute and think about the last time that you learned something new… if you can’t
think of anything right now, that’s OK, give it some time.

Read on so that you can get some ideas on what would work for you.

Continue reading

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Women Want Freedom!

Have you ever noticed that from the time that girls are babies that they
want to be ableWomen Want Freedom.jpg to do things by themselves when ever they want to
and not when someone else wants them to.  I’m sure you’ve seen it
for yourself or heard about it from family and friends.  It’s a really funny
thing to watch, especially if you’re not the parent!  🙂

It continues on through the teenage years and the desire for freedom
becomes even stronger as young teenager girls get to experience life
a lot more:  the more freedom they have, the more they want… now
that’s a great thing!  Young women recognize the endless
possibilities that exist
out there in the world and not only what’s in
the world directly around them. (with a lot of help from social media)

The feel for and meaning of freedom is different for everyone, and that’s where
creativity starts.  Once a young woman experiences freedom in her life, there’s
no turning back and when she has her mind set on something… watch out!,
because the creative juices are flowing like a waterfall and she has the power
to do great things and be an influence for good even at this young age.  She’s
very aware of her strengths and weaknesses.

Freedom allows the creative juices to start flowing if you let it.

Now move forward into adulthood and it’s time to rock and roll.  There’s
something that happens when a teenage girl becomes a young adult and
is out of high school, freedom takes over and she feels unstoppable (and
maybe invincible too).  She is not limited by what boundaries her parents
have set for her as a teen, she’s independent now and there’s no turning

There’s an endless list of freedoms that all women can enjoy and do enjoy:

  • Freedom to dream
  • Freedom to love
  • Freedom to feel love
  • Freedom to be happy
  • Freedom to create
  • Freedom to be creative
  • Freedom to cry
  • Freedom to laugh
  • Freedom to sing
  • Freedom to dance
  • Freedom to hug someone
  • Freedom to make someone happy
  • Freedom to serve someone
  • Freedom to say something nice to someone

And the list goes on … it doesn’t matter where you live in this world, these freedoms
are free; given to everyone from God.

Having and using that freedom is very important, it’s not something to take for granted
for forget about.  As soon as a woman stops’ using her freedom to be and do great
things in her life is when she can slip into depression and feel very frustrated.
Not a happy place!

Women Want Freedom!  There’s just no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

What does freedom mean to you, what freedoms do you value and enjoy right now
in your life?

Make sure that you always remember what freedoms you value and that are
important to you, so that you always live your life with a lot of creativity and can
continue to be unstoppable.  Whether you believe that you’re unstoppable or
not, I’m here to tell you that you and all women ARE unstoppable.  That’s our
gift as women!

Be free and share your gift!


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Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

Sometimes we can be our own worst critic.  Why do we do that to ourselves
and what good will it do?

Criticizing is a direct reflection of who we compare our selves to and making
all kinds of judgments.

There’s the internal criticizing and then there’s the verbal criticizing, it happens
all the time.  Have you ever listened to yourself lately to the things that you are
saying in your mind and out loud?

Constant criticizing, no matte what kind it is can lead to feelings of not being
good enough, feelings of not being smart enough, not having enough, and
many more.  Life is not meant to be like that

You are unique.

Take a look at criticizing versus reflecting; the great thing is, is that you can
switch from criticizing to reflecting.  It’s a simple switch to make.

Here is something simple that you can do to make that switch:

As soon as you start to have that thought and urge to criticize either
yourself or someone else, quickly turn that thought into a question.

e.g. if you’re thinking the thought that “I’m so stupid, why did I do that.”
or “He or she is so stupid, I don’t know why he/she did that.”

What you would do then is to ask yourself:  “Is it really true that I’m stupid?”
and if it were about someone else, you would ask yourself:  “Is what he or she did
really stupid or is it just that I didn’t like or agree with what that person did?”

After asking those questions and reflecting on what you just said, you will
be able to answer yourself truthfully and I bet you that your answers will
be positive and not negative.

It feels so much better when you start to reflect on what you think and
say instead of criticize.

You can use this method with everything that you are dealing with.
Try it right now; it’s a beautiful thing.


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Do You Worry If There Is Enough Money?

Worry, it’s something that a lot of people do and seems to be a common thing,
is it necessary?  Well that’s a personal thing.

What is worry?  Basically it’s constant thoughts about something that plays
in your mind over and over and over again.  You might get to a point where 
you say to yourself or out loud:  Pleeeaaassseee … make it stop!

Why do you worry? It might be that you’re not sure how things are going to
work out and maybe there’s not enough
 information for you to see the whole
picture.  Asking for help and understanding is such a major key in 
yourself from constant worry.

Worrying about whether there is enough money or not can be a pretty
stressful thing.  Is it worth the worry?  I say – absolutely not!  Worrying,
more often then not leads to a lot of stress then over time you find yourself
getting sick and even when you get over your sickness the stress of worrying
if there’s enough money comes back.  What a vicious cycle!

There’s a cure for the ‘worry disease’ as I like to call it.

Here’s three steps to the cure:

Wanting to solve this worry disease is the first step to the cure:
You have to really want it bad enough in order for you to move
forward and take the necessary steps in solving this problem.
If you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time or make other
excuses, then there’s nothing else that you can do to make things

Asking great questions is the second step to the cure:
Questions like:  What can I do to solve this worry problem?
Who can I ask for help to solve this problem?
Writing down these questions and your answers can be very helpful
as you get started.
Look for someone to help you solve this problem that has had experience
in this type of situation and has had great results, that way they can
move you to solving these problems quickly and easily.

Taking action and following through with what needs to be done
is the third step to the cure:
Taking action can be scary sometimes, especially if you can’t see
the end result.  It’s too bad that the proof doesn’t come before the
end result.  I know it sounds crazy but wouldn’t it be nice if it were
possible!  That’s why it so important to work with somebody that has
already gone through and overcome this same kind of problem, that
person can testify that it’s possible and walk you through it.

Follow through can also be really hard if this process is very different
than anything that you’ve ever been through or done before.  Stick with
it no matter how hard it feels.  It’s always worth it in the end.  Just keep
that in mind.

Worrying is not good for you.  🙂


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