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What Does Financial Freedom Mean To You?

Have you ever thought about financial freedom?
Has anyone every asked you that question before?

I recently interviewed some women and asked them
what financial freedom meant to them, and everyone
that I asked had something different to say about what
it meant to them.

They all had to think about it for a few minutes before
they could answer that question.


These are some of the things that they had said:
“No debt what so ever”

“No worries”
“Having enough money so I don’t have to worry about
not having enough.”

I think it’s so interesting just how different we all are when
we think about financial freedom, and that’s ok, there is no
right or wrong way that we are supposed to think about it.

I’ve never been asked what financial freedom means to me,
but I’ve heard many successful business people talk about it.

So several years ago I started to ask myself that question,
thinking that it must be important if these successful business

people are talking about it.

It took a while for me to really understand that question
and how important it really is since I’ve never heard my
family or friends talk about it before.

Should YOU care about financial freedom?
I think so. Working towards it has the ability to reduce
your stress about money and it becomes less and less
of a distraction in your daily life.

It may have many more or totally different benefits for you
then it would for anyone else.

Now that I have been asking myself that question for quite
a while, it has really made a difference in how I live my life
and how I think about money.

I have figured out what FINANCIAL FREEDOM means to me.
It means working towards being totally debt free and that includes
not having a mortgage so that, I will have the freedom to travel to
any place on this earth any time I want to.  I love to travel that’s why
it’s part of my financial freedom statement.

Try this on for 7 days…

Ask yourself “what does financial freedom mean to me?” a
few times a day for one week and pay attention to what you are
thinking and how you are feeling. Write down whatever thoughts
and emotions come your way. You might be surprised by what
you discover.

I invite you to figure out and create your own meaning of financial freedom
and to work towards it. Make sure you write it down on paper and leave it
where you can see it every day. By doing that, it makes the possibility
of obtaining financial freedom a reality and something that you can work

Post your own meaning of financial freedom in the comment section below
this post and let me what you think.

Do you want help with figuring out what financial freedom means to you and
making a plan that you can work towards achieving it?

I invite you to email me at for a
Complimentary Discover Your Financial Destiny Session.


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