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It’s Time For FASHION!

6:19:15-It's Time For FASHION

It’s time to add the FASHION into the!

For a while now I’ve only been writing, talking and podcasting about
you and your finances.  While learning about your finances is extremely
important, so is fashion (in my opinion of course).

I say that fashion is important because everyone has to wear clothes!
There’s just no way around it, especially when the weather is really
hot and humid and you don’t really want to put clothes on.

I will continue to talk about finances in between all of the fashion
information I share, because…what you wear does have an impact
on your finances!  I will be sharing with you why and how in the coming
months.  So stay tuned!

For right now I want you to know that It’s important to care about
what you wear.

I have a question for you:

Did you ever stop to think about what you wear everyday?

With life being so busy all the time, it’s really hard to get everything
in your life working for you the way you want it on a daily basis.
Fashion and clothes is not always the first thing on people’s mind
when they get up in the morning.  Sometimes I think a lot of people
are like me and are just happy to know that we even got out of bed,
especially when you’re tired and the bed is nice and cozy!

Ok, got a little off topic, but I just had to share that. 🙂

For some, the idea of having to put together an outfit feels frustrating
and then having to do it in the morning is even more frustrating,
especially if you’re in a rush to get ready, get children ready and get
out the door in time.  Oh yah, I forgot to mention all the stuff that needs
to happen in between the getting dressed and getting out the door.

It can make anyone crazy!  I’ve been there, done that.  It’s not fun.
Learning from the past is sooo great, because now I can help other
women with these kinds of things that I’ve gone through as a mother
with 4 children – trying to get out the door. (In one piece)

Learning how to dress and what clothes look best on you can be
simple and fun with some help if you’re open to recommendations.
Most women I know are open to learning what they can do to up their

Who doesn’t want to look good in their clothes, right?

I do know that not everyone is interested in fashion and style, and
that’s OK, you don’t have to be.  BUT, you do have to be interested
in knowing how to dress for your body type, what colors look best
on you and how to make sure your clothes fit you properly.  All of
these things will make a big difference on how you feel while you’re
wearing your clothes.

These three things are the most common areas of fashion and style
that a lot of people don’t know and understand, which ends up in
buying clothes that don’t work for them and a lot of money being
wasted on those items.

I know a few women that have bought clothes because they thought
the items were really nice and they loved the color and oh… it was on
sale and was really cheap, only to hang it in their closet with the store
tags still on the clothes and never, ever has these clothes seen the light
of day again.

Have you ever done things like that?

If you have, it’s OK.  I would just recommend that you ask yourself some
questions, like:

~Are you ever going to wear that item of clothing in your lifetime?

~What did you like about that item, that made you buy it?

~Did you buy it because you were just having a bad day

  and needed to do some emotional shopping?

~Does it fit you right?  If you don’t remember, try it on.

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then I would
recommend that you give it to someone that you know who would really
appreciate it and would fit into it.  Or, if you are ashamed to give it to
someone that you know then consider donating it to an organization that
helps women get back up on their feet and helps them look for a job.

These organizations always need new items of clothing for women to
look professional while they are going on job interviews.  Either way,
don’t hang onto it if you know you will never wear it.

It’ just creates clutter and takes up space in your closet that you could
be using for something that you’ll actually wear on a regular basis.  Believe
it or not, clearing out your closet is one of the first steps to learning about
how to dress for your body type, what colors look best on you and having
your clothes fit you right.

It’s the first step because when you have a closet full of clothes that you
don’t even wear, whether it’s brand new or not creates a place of confusion
and sometimes stress.  I can also bet that at least half of the clothes in your
closet don’t fit you right.

So, as soon as you can, open your closet and see what’s going on in there.
Start by pulling out an item of clothing that still has tags on them, or you
know that you will never wear again.  A little at a time is the best thing to
do, don’t try to tackle your closet all in one day.  No stressing allowed.

I know that if you just start there, you will immediately feel an interesting
kind of relief.  Try it and find out!

A Hui Hou Malama Pono, until next time, take care.



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Women Need To Make Talking About Their Finances Fashionable

Women need to make talking about their finances fashionable.
Which means that it should be OK to talk about your finances.
There’ no if(s), and(s) or but(s).

When women get together they talk a lot about many things.
They talk about themselves, they talk about their kids if they have
any, they talk about their boyfriend or husband, they talk about
their job or what kind of work their doing now.

So, why, don’t they talk about money or finances? It’s pretty much
the same.

This is the 21st century and things are very different now than they were
just 13 years ago when it was the 20th century.

The world has changed, the economy has changed, our food has changed,
the way we do business has changed (dramatically).

Women need to start talking about things like money and finances, which,
is necessary to living in this world.

Talking about it is not a shameful thing. They talk about it with our bank teller
and they talk about it with our accountant or CPA when it’s necessary, but
not necessarily to get educated out how we can be better managers of it
or how they can make it grow in a better way that will benefit them and their

Remember, most women work really hard for the money that they earn. Why
not make it (the money) work harder for you in return.

Women love win-win situations!

The more women get together to talk about money and finances, helping each
other to get educated about it, helping each other make it OK to talk and learn
about it, the better their lives will be and the lives of people they take care of too.

This, Ladies, is a WIN-WIN situation.


Janin Johnston



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How Can We Make Talking About Our Finances Fashionable?

Most of us women don’t like to talk about our finances, we are afraid
of people finding out how much money we make or how much money
we have in our bank accounts.

One person I talked to said that she feels like it’s a taboo for women to talk about money.

Why is that? 

So many of us have been taught by our families that it’s not O.K. to talk about money.

It’s hard for us to start thinking a different way when we are constantly surrounded by people who try to tell you what we CANNOT do.  And most of the time it’s the people that we love that are around us the most.

It’s a good thing that we are surrounded by people that love us, but we’re all human
and we are all doing the best we can.

But if we can’t get the support from our families, then how do we learn about
money and get the skills that we need to manage our money.

There are more opportunities for women today than ever before, but many of us
are not prepared with the knowledge and skills we need when it comes to our
 and the management of it.

One of the things that I really want to do is to encourage all of us to bring this
conversation out into the open and not be afraid to talk about money.  We all
need to learn the tools necessary to be successful with our money.

It’s very empowering when we can be successful with our finances.

If you are someone that feels like you can’t be fashionable about your finances,
don’t worry, you are not alone.  Let’s help each other! 🙂

Let’s think about this: 
What makes you uncomfortable about talking about your finances?

Post a comment below and let’s talk.

I invite you to work with me, email me at
for a complimentary strategy session.



Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach

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What’s Your Style?

‘What’s your style’ is the question I have asked women, and these are some of the things
that they’ve said when the subject of style came up. …. Ummm, I don’t know.’
or ‘I’m a jeans and  t-shirt kind of girl’ or ‘I like pants, no dresses’ or ‘I’m not sure really what
my style is’ or ‘no nonsense’. It’s very interesting to hear these answers because most women
don’t really think about what their style is.

So you might ask, ‘Why are you talking about style anyway, what does that have to do with
anything?  Well, I’m glad you asked. Now is the time to think about that.
There is a style to everything that you do: The way you dress, the way you decorate your home,
the way you throw a party, the way you write, the way you behave, even the way you talk.
A lot of people haven’t really thought of these things as a style.

I want to talk about the way you dress.  Whether you even realize it or not, how you dress does
affect the way you feel, act and carry yourself.  This applies to men too, even though I posed the
question to women about style.

What I have found in the 28 years that I’ve been sewing for and dressing women, is that most
of the time they aren’t paying attention to the style that they like and how it will look on them.
What tends to happen is that when they go shopping for clothes, they are usually drawn to a
color that they like regardless if that color looks good on them when they put the item of clothing
on.  And sometimes it doesn’t even fit right on their body.

What you wear really does have a psychological effect on you when you get dressed, that’s why
some people will put on two or three different outfits before leaving home.  It could be that in your
mind you might see that a certain outfit you put on doesn’t look or feel good at that moment,
but you can’t figure out why so you take it off and put on another outfit and so on.

Usually this happens because of one or all of these three things: the fit, color, and style.
When you’re wearing something that fits you right, the color is the right shade for your skin tone
and the style compliments or accentuates your body in the right places, you will always feel
good when you get dressed at the start of your day.

When these three things are in place you will always feel good about what you wear, you will act
accordingly without even realizing it and you will carry yourself in a way that people will start to
notice that something is different about you (for the better).

Take an inventory of what’s in your closet and start being honest with yourself about your clothes
and if it makes you feel alive when you put it on.

email me now at

Passionately Creating!

Janin Johnston

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