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What’s Going On In The World With All The Advertising?

What’s going on in the world right now with all the ads you see and hear
every where targeted to you to buy, buy, buy, making you want to shop,
shop, shop! 
It can become very overwhelming at times.  Do you have
the ability to control your shopping and buying impulses?

Do you really need to buy, buy, buy gadgets, gizmos and goodies
all the time?  
Probably not! Continue reading

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Comparing Yourself To Other People

Comparing yourself to other people is something that most people do and I
hear it everywhere I go.

Most people have a natural tendency to compare themselves to other people
like their siblings, a neighbor, a friend, or even a movie star, the list is endless.

The whole comparing yourself to your sibling thing starts at a very young age.
I’ve seen it for many years, in my own family and in other families that I know.
Sibling comparison just comes from not being taught that we are very unique
and that we have our own special gifts, talents, personality, likes and dislikes
and more.

Have you ever thought in your mind “I am not smart like him/her” or “I’m not
good looking/pretty like that person” or “I’ll never make as much money as
that person”?  Have you caught yourself saying some kind of comparison out

You might not even want other people to know that you are comparing yourself
like that.

Money is a big deal; we think about it all the time because we need it to live,
there’s no way around it.  Comparing the amount of money you have to some one
else can lead to feelings of unworthiness, especially when you think they have
more money than you.  Please don’t do it!  It’s not worth it.  

As time goes on it becomes very hard to do anything that is uniquely you when
you are comparing yourself to other people and makes it very difficult to do what
you need to do in your life.

The key thing to remember when you start to compare yourself to others, is that
we are all unique, there is no one that is exactly like us (not even identical twins).
That’s what makes us so great (even if you don’t feel great).

Go forward and start to do the great things that you are meant to do and leave
the comparison behind.

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Women Need To Make Talking About Their Finances Fashionable

Women need to make talking about their finances fashionable.
Which means that it should be OK to talk about your finances.
There’ no if(s), and(s) or but(s).

When women get together they talk a lot about many things.
They talk about themselves, they talk about their kids if they have
any, they talk about their boyfriend or husband, they talk about
their job or what kind of work their doing now.

So, why, don’t they talk about money or finances? It’s pretty much
the same.

This is the 21st century and things are very different now than they were
just 13 years ago when it was the 20th century.

The world has changed, the economy has changed, our food has changed,
the way we do business has changed (dramatically).

Women need to start talking about things like money and finances, which,
is necessary to living in this world.

Talking about it is not a shameful thing. They talk about it with our bank teller
and they talk about it with our accountant or CPA when it’s necessary, but
not necessarily to get educated out how we can be better managers of it
or how they can make it grow in a better way that will benefit them and their

Remember, most women work really hard for the money that they earn. Why
not make it (the money) work harder for you in return.

Women love win-win situations!

The more women get together to talk about money and finances, helping each
other to get educated about it, helping each other make it OK to talk and learn
about it, the better their lives will be and the lives of people they take care of too.

This, Ladies, is a WIN-WIN situation.


Janin Johnston



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3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Strengthen Your Family









There are so many families that are just struggling in so many different
ways.  Struggling to get along, struggling to make ends meet, parents
working 2 or 3 jobs, and the list goes on.

Because money is such a major part of living and it is connected
to almost everything in our lives and a lot of times it becomes
very stressful, so, I wanted to share with you:

3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Strengthen Your Family
doesn’t involve money.

1.  Set a time once a week that you spend together
Now I know that once a week sounds like a lot, so just take it one step
at a time.  Try it once and then work it from there.

Start by choosing an activity that everyone (or majority) wants to
participate in (I recommend having the activity at home or go to a
nearby park that you can walk to) remember that it shouldn’t involve
spending money.

Some of the most wonderful things/activities do not involve money.
You might find that not every one is going to be on board with this idea.
Just stick to your guns and breathe, it will all be worth it!

You might have to start by having this activity for 15 to 30 minutes at first;
you never know what will happen.  15 to 30 minutes is better than not having
a family activity at all.

2.  Write a note to your spouse and/or children
Letting them know something that you like or admire about them.
It doesn’t have to be long or poetic, it just needs to be honest.
You’ll be amazed at the kind of reaction you will get.
Doing things like that will melt any hard feelings pretty quickly.

3.  Make a video or audio recording for your family
Now here is something really fun, make a video to your family
of you saying something nice to them or even singing a song.
People love watching videos now.

If you don’t have access to a video device of some kind then
you can make an audio recording instead.
There are free audio recording programs that you can download
onto your computer that will let you record anything at the click
of the mouse.

One free audio recording software that I’ve used is
One free video recording software that I’ve heard is good is

Sometimes just being funny or silly within a family creates a really
neat bond between each other.

I hope you really take to heart these 3 Things That You Can Do Right
Now To Strengthen Your Family.  I know that they may not all be easy
to do at first, but just start with the one that you feel will be the easiest
for you to do.  Then do the other two as soon as you can.

It will make your heart sing!

I wish you all the success possible!  Remember, there’s strength in unity.


Janin Johnston


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