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Did You Know That Your Life Is Like A Collage!

Did You Know That Your Life Is Like A Collage!

It’s true!  Your life is made up of so many different things like; your
experiences, the good, the bad and the beautiful.  Which is comprised
of your triumphs, losses, loves and more.

Just like a collage made of paper, cloth or wood, which by the way is
the definition of the word “collage”, the person creating the collage gets
choose what they are going to add to their collage (a.k.a. ‘life’) to make
colorful and memorable, making them want to look at it often.

The other beautiful part about life is that a person gets to choose to
leave out certain things if they want to like; things that are unhealthy or 


Because your life resembles a collage that is made up of various elements,
what are you going to choose to add to you collage today and everyday?


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Blend A Little Bit Of Creativity In With Your Finances

So often, our finances become such a logical and boring thing that we have
to take care of, and it doesn’t have any creative element to it.  It can also
become a drudgery depending on your thoughts and feelings towards it.

Since you have to take care of your finances on a continual basis you might
as well have some fun with it.  Yes, it’s possible!

Here is what I mean.
Listed below are 5 things that you can do to get started:

1.  Use colored pens when you’re logging or listing the bills that you have to pay
     in a notebook.
2.  Buy a pretty and/or colorful notebook to list all of your bills and financial
     information in.
3.  Create your own pretty and/or colorful notebook.
4.  Use colored paper.
5.  Use pictures of all kins to insert or adhere them to your notebook and the pages.

It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, use a little bit of imagination and you’re
set to go.  What might help you to do this kind of thing is to remember back when
you were a kid and did all kinds of creative things in school.  There is no right or
wrong way to create it, remember it’s your notebook.  The key is to just have fun
with it.  

If it’s visually appealing to you, it might just take the ‘boring’ out of it.
Doing your finances doesn’t have to be boring.

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Creativity Comes In Many Forms

You are all creative.  I hope you know that?
Especially as women, you are all given the ability
to create on every level there is.

You might think that you’re not creative just because
you don’t draw, paint or sculpt clay.  Well, I’m here
to tell you that creativity and being creative does not
have anything to do with drawing, painting or sculpting
clay!  Believe it or not.

You see, creativity comes in many forms.  Most of the time it
is right in front of your eyes, but it may be in disguise.

You use your creative gifts everyday without even realizing it.

I write so much about creativity because most of the people
I talk to also seem to think that they are not creative.  Go figure?
Why would you think about yourself like that?

I’ve had a lot of people tell me “I’m not creative” and I always
will say, “that’s not true!”

Many years ago, the word creativity was only used in the art
industry or if you or someone you know drew, painted or sculpted

Our world is changing so quickly these days, it’s amazing to see all
of the creativity out there in the world.  Especially the computer industry
with all of the computer programs that are created everyday, the websites
and social media sites that are coming up in record numbers.
Pencils, paint and clay are not used to create all of those things, yet
the number one ingredient is creativity.

All of that takes creativity and the desire to create something.
Something that is unique or just because it’s what you want to do.

I have this really cool quote that I found many years ago.
I don’t know who said it, but I really like it.
And it goes like this …
“Creative people have a spark within them that warms them through
all seasons.  It is the one human attribute that has the power to bring
a constant feeling of joyfulness within, on demand.  Almost nothing
else in life can match it, and thankfully, creativity can be expressed
on any level, in a whole spectrum of ways.”

I know that this quote is so true, because I have seen it over and over
again for the last 22 years from my former students (ages 8 to 60 something
years old) while I was teaching sewing, craft and sewing/art classes.

So what form does your creativity come in, what warms your soul?
Is it story telling, writing, repurpose something or cooking?  The list
goes on.

This is what I would love for you to do every day from now on:
Start reminding yourself that you are creative and you
have the ability to create anything that your heart desires.
Do something creative everyday, something that you enjoy,
even if you only have 15 minutes to spare in your day.  You’ll be
amazed at how much you can do in just 15 minutes a day.

That is how some of the most wonderful and amazing inventions were
created, a little every day, day by day.

Try it for yourself; you’ll be glad you did!



Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach


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Do Things Differently In Your Life! – Part 2

In part 1 of “Do Things Differently In Your Life” article,
I talked about why it is important to do things differently.
How things become a breeze when you become you.

I even apologized to my Mom for being difficult, even
though I didn’t say those exact words.  🙂

So, I want to talk a little bit more about the benefits of doing
things differently in your life.

-You start to feel like you are special, if you don’t already feel
like that.
Now, I’m not sure if you have even thought about feeling like
you’re special or that you even care to feel like that.  But,
I will say that when you start to care about how you feel about
yourself, everyone around you will start to notice and even
make a comment or two.  I want to challenge you to —-

Another benefit:

-Your sense of awareness becomes greater because you’re
not focusing on trying to be like or become someone else.
Greater awareness is always a good thing that’s for sure.
Who wouldn’t want to notice things around us that can
benefit us, or those that we care about.  It’s when we are
paying attention that we can enjoy the benefits of that
new found sense of awareness.  And the benefits will
definitely be different for everyone.

One more benefit:

-You’ll find that your level of confidence starts to grow.
You know something very interesting that I’ve noticed for
many years now, is that as peoples confidence level starts to
grow they start to realize that they aren’t so: dumb, stupid,
unworthy, ridiculous, foolish or …(you fill in the blank).
You start to have a lot of small little accomplishments that
lead you straight to a higher level of confidence as you keep
plugging away, doing things a little different (your own special way).

I know that all of these things do, and will take time.  This is not
something that happens overnight.  I want to encourage you
to hang in there, keep going, moving forward in the pursuit of
‘being you’ so that you can ‘do things differently in your life’
and reap all of the benefits that are waiting for you.

Start today, I am cheering for you! (rah! rah!)

I would love to help you in your pursuit of Doing Things
Differently In Your Life.  Click Here to schedule your complimentary
Discovery Session.


Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach

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Do Things Differently In Your Life!

I’ve always tried to do things a little differently in my life.
I can remember when I was a kid having that thought
and feeling of wanting to do things how I wanted to do
it and when I wanted to do it.

(Sorry Mom!)

I’m pretty sure I gave my Mom and other family members
stress at times.  As I think about it now, I think I felt and
acted that way because of the amount of creative energy
that I had from a really young age.

As a kid I always went with that creative energy that was
moving and flowing, that’s what were supposed to do.
Thanks to my Mom, she was always doing something
creative with my siblings and I.  I am so grateful for that!

What I’ve come to realize is that you have to find out who
you are all the way down to the depths of your very soul.
When you do that it becomes very evident that we are all
different on every level.

And what I’ve seen from so many people is that they
sometimes don’t really know who they are, or, are a
little afraid of what they know about themselves.

I am here to tell you that being different and doing
things differently is one of the many great
things that you can do for yourself, and for those
people who are closest to you.

Now, I’m not talkin’ about being the weird kind of
different that will turn people off.
I’m just talking about being you, which is
different.  There is only one you on this planet,
there is no one else like you.

So, when you become comfortable with being different,
then doing things differently becomes a breeze!

You’ll start to notice that things start to get better in
you life.  Now I know that this idea is not easy for
a lot of people, but, it is well worth it.

One things that you can do today to start to do things
differently is:

*Decide that this is what you want to do and can commit
to, knowing that this is going to be a fantastic thing for you.

There are so many benefits to doing things differently.

I just want to let you know that I love the fact that I do things
differently than a lot of other people.  I’m not afraid of it.
If a thought or idea comes to me, then I go with the flow.
It has helped me in so many ways that it’s impossible to
mention them all here.

I think that I just might need to write a part 2 for this article.
Stay tuned!


Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach

P.S. Please leave a comment below, I would love to know
what you think of this article.

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Exercises For Your Heart And Mind

It sounds like a strange thing, “to exercise your heart and your
mind.”  Who would have ever thought that that was possible.

What was the first thing that you thought of when you were
reading the title to this article?  Did it make you curious to
find out what that meant or did you think oh boy the writer
of this article is crazy?

Well I want to let you know that I don’t think I’m crazy but,
my family might think I am!  So I hope that you are curious
to find out what I’m talking about as I mentioned above.

You know, health experts talk a lot about exercising our body to
keep it healthy.  I’m pretty sure you have heard it more times than
you’d like to think about that you need to be doing some sort of
exercise at least 3 times a week for at least an hour at a time.  It’s
important that we oxygenate our bodies because all of our
organs need a lot of fresh oxygen in order to stay healthy and
working properly.

So it’s safe to say that when you do some sort of physical exercise
that you are literally exercising your heart because your heart is
working harder to pump the blood in and out a lot faster.
And your mind/brain is having to work harder to make sure that your
body is functioning properly while you are exercising.  The mind,
it’s such a wonderful thing!

But, what about the other kind of exercising, the kind that is not
something physical that you do.  It’s the emotional kind of exercising
that you would do each and every single day, not just 3 times a week.
Your heart is at the center of your emotions and vice versa, your
emotions is where your heart is.

It’s so easy to exercise your mind at any given moment by reading,
writing, doing cross word puzzles, doing math problems and the
list goes on.   There’s no shortage of the things that you can do.

With all that being said about physically exercising your heart and
your mind, did you know that your heart and your mind are connected?
Some people don’t think about that or know that to be true and yet
there are research and studies done by major organizations that
have proven that to be true.

You might be wondering – what are some of the ways that you could
exercise your heart and your mind for optimal emotional health?

Or why would I even want to do exercises for your emotional health.

What I know to be the case after working with dozens and dozens of
women over the last 20 years is that there seems to be a ‘one or the
other’ kind of thinking and believing when you talk about the heart
and mind.  And when they have to make a decision about something
of significance it usually is done with their mind using logic for fear
of making the wrong decision.  Now contrast that with women making
a decision that is not of any great significance and the decision making
is typically made using their emotions or in other words, their heart.

It is possible to be able to use both your heart and your mind at the same
time,  It just takes some practice to get there.  You need to start exercising
that elusive heart and mind muscle.

To start off with one of the first things that you can do is:

1.  Do a self-assessment to determine what kind of decision maker you are.
Do you usually make all of your decisions from your mind or do you usually
make heartfelt decisions?

2.  Once you’ve determined what kind of decision maker you are, you
can then begin to focus on the other one part of you that is not being
utilized as much in your decision making.  Write down on a piece
of paper that other part that needs help, just seeing it written on paper
will have a big impact on you.  In most cases you didn’t even
realize certain things until you think about it and write it down.

3.  Ask yourself-what is one thing that I can do to strengthen my weaker
area of the two(heart or mind)?

Steps to take for Heart People

–  If you use your heart all the time to make decisions, what you can start
doing is to think about being logical – it’s like having no emotion at all
when you’re thinking about something.  Does it make sense or not,
is it black or white?
–  Write down all of the things that come to your mind when you are doing
these exercises.  You’ll be amazed at what you find out when you
write things on paper.
–  Do this at least once a day and you will start to recognize how your
mind works as compared to your heart.

Steps to take for Mind People

– If you use your minds analytical or logical side, start giving your heart
a lot more attention by putting your right hand over your heart and
start asking yourself questions like:  what do I really care about,
what is important to you (something that makes you feel all warm
and fuzzy inside, your emotions), who do you really care about?
Start listening to what your heart is saying, even if you can’t see with
your logical mind how it’s supposed to work.
–  You want to write down on paper all of the feelings that you experience
while doing this exercise, even if it makes you uncomfortable.
–  Do this at least once a day and you will start to recognize how your
heart works as compared to your mind.

All of these exercises could possibly make you uncomfortable or frustrated,
but just stick with it.  Doing these exercises will strengthen your heart and
your mind muscle when you do them consistently.

You will get to a point in your life where your heart and mind will start working
together and be connected without you even having to think about it.  This is
what should happen in order for you to make better decisions at any given
moment of the day and have that optimal emotional health.  You will be
grateful that you have it, each and every day of your life.

I want to encourage you to take action and do the exercises in the steps listed
above.  You will be glad you did!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Designing and Creating
Aloha, Janin


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Learning To Receive So That You Can Give – Part 3

This is the last of this 3 part series of Learning To Receive So That You Can Give

Learning to receive is all about valuing yourself.  To often
people don’t value the person they are, what talents they
have or what they have to offer people in terms of service
or even if they have a business.  The list goes on and on.

What’s really important to think about and remember is
that you cannot give of yourself, whether it’s by giving
of service, giving love, giving of your time or talents
if you aren’t willing (or don’t know how) to accept and/
or receive the same things from other people.  There
has to be some reciprocity.  If there isn’t any, then the
giving and receiving from both sides would be
meaningless.  There needs to be that value
component to all of this.

Think about it for a minute, have you ever given someone
something that you thought would be nice and/or helpful
only to see that person accept it with a weird expression
on their face like – what’s this for or what am I supposed
to do with this or someone might say ‘what are you
doing that for’.  I’m sure you’ve seen or heard it before
with other people if you haven’t experienced it for yourself.

Sometimes the weird receiving may not be that obvious
to you at first, but, just for a minute you get this odd feeling
that it wasn’t received in the way that you had intended
it be.  You think to yourself “what just happened?”

If people are paying attention they can usually feel another
persons ‘vibe’ if you will, they can tell if you value yourself or
not.  And if they aren’t paying attention It could be that the
other person was at a place mentally or emotionally that didn’t
allow them to feel your heartfelt giving at that time for whatever
reason. They possibly might not even value themselves enough
to receive something from you or another person.

So what does all of that mean?  It comes down to the fact that
when you start to value yourself, people around you will start
to notice it and feel it for themselves and will want what you have
to offer and maybe even to be a part of your life.  It will also allow
you to recognize those people who will be able to receive what you
have to give with love and gratitude.

Start valuing yourself by finding at least one thing that you love and
are good at.  Recognize that you have special gifts that you were
given and put it to good use.


Designing and Creating
Aloha, Janin

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Where Are The Places That Inspire You?

Take a moment and think about all of the places where you’ve felt that
spark of inspiration come into your mind or your heart. If it wasn’t a
spark and more like a thought or feeling that came to you, then just
sit with that for a moment.

Did you know that inspiration is very important to your life?

Recently I asked two of my friends, Laura and Colleen the question
“Where are the places that inspire you and why, why is it
important to pay attention
to those places?”

This is what my friend Laura said: “In my mother’s home and
watching her in action because my mother has a huge influence
on me.  It adds and enriches my overall happiness in life.
It also makes her happy when I achieve something.”
This is what my other friend Colleen said: “When I’m driving, because it’s
quiet and I can think. I get projects done and (speaking to all of us) if you
really want to do something,you will make time for it.” I just love their answers!

Some other places to be inspired could be the mountains, the beach, taking a walk,
an art museum. For everyone it’s vastly different.  The places that spark inspiration are

endless. Inspiration is that one thing that helps you in all the areas of your life to create,
to know what to do next, to get projects done, to reorganize your home, get more creative
with food and so much more.

I am fortunate to live in such a beautiful place here in Hawaii where there is so much awe

inspiring beauty everywhere you look. The flood gates of inspiration just keep pouring in
continually and I try to make sure that I’m paying attention so that I will be able to have
happiness in my life.

So, ask yourself this question: Did you take action on a thought, feeling or spark of
inspiration that you received recently?
If the answer is yes, then great! I’m sure you happy that you did.
If the answer is no, then ask yourself why didn’t I take action on it?
If you didn’t take action, that’s o.k. you can always start now to pay attention to those thoughts,
feelings or sparks that come your way.  It’s never too late.

Look for the beauty wherever you live.  It’s there just waiting for you to notice it and
be inspired.

Passionately Creating,


Janin Johnston
The Fashionable Finance Coach
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Something That Makes You Happy Just By Looking At It

Have you ever thought about what makes your happy just by looking at it?
For example have you ever looked at a bottle of perfume (if you have and wear
perfume that is) and for some unknown reason it made you smile and maybe
even made you feel happy without you even realizing that it did until you took
your attention off of that bottle of perfume.  It could have been the pretty bottle
that the perfume comes in or could it have been the remembrance of the wonderful
scent of that perfume you wear, maybe it was both of those things that made you smile.

That’s what happened to me the other day as I glanced over to where my perfume
bottle sits and  for some reason I was just so mesmerized as I was observing how pretty
the bottle is and the color of the liquid (the perfume) which is light pink, something so simple
but yet so beautiful.

It’s amazing that the creator of that perfume really took the time to create this
fabulous smelling perfume and took the time to think about all the little details like
the shape of bottle, the cover (not just any ordinary cover) the color of the words,
and the font.  It just makes you want to reach out and hold it in your hands!

That’s how your life is made up of, a lot of small little details in everything around
you.  You probably haven’t even thought about it in that way until now and if you
have, I say “yah!” that means that you are paying attention to the many small little things
that make you happy.  If not that’s ok, now is the time to start.

I would love to give you 1 step to take to design and create your life so that you can
learn to become aware of those wonderful little things in your life that are important
and make you happy.

When you first get up in the morning, look around you and make a mental
note of all the things you see that you love.  Starting to look at all the little things on
a daily basis is the beginning of cultivating your awareness of the bigger things
in your life that is equally important, but, have not really been recognized before.
We all have those things.

Passionately Creating,
Janin Johnston

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Are You Craving Something Different?

That is a good question to ask yourself if you are not already thinking it.
A lot of people are not totally happy with their lives or certain part of their
lives. It could be your job, your current living situation, your wardrobe.
It’s endless when it comes to the areas where you could be craving something
different, It’s a good thing if you are.

It means that you are alive and are paying attention to your life and the things
around you.  The things or situations that are making you happy and not so happy.

Start now by writing things down on paper or if you are a total electronics individual,
type it in your smart phone or iPod the things that you are craving, and the things
that are in your life now that you are not so jazzed about.

You will be surprised what comes out of your head and on to paper or into your electronic
device.  You might not have even realized it until you saw it in written form.

It might even be the thing that moves you to make a decision towards creating what
you really want, no matter what area of your life it is in.  You deserve to live a happy
life here on earth.

Passionately Creating,
Janin Johnston

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