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Necklace Length

Did you ever think about the length of the necklace that you wear?

There are some things to take into consideration when you wear a long necklace –
body proportion, height and if you feel self conscious if you have a protruding tummy and
metal color.

People’s eyes will be drawn down as they look at your necklace if it’s long and it ends at your
tummy area, so be aware of the length of your necklace.

Something else to take into consideration – Is your necklace blending in with your blouse or outfit?
If it is, then your necklace will get lost in the busy print of your clothes.

Aloha, Janin

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10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What You Wear

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What

It’s only obvious that everyone has to wear clothes everyday of their life.
What’s interesting about that is the fact that clothes cost money, it takes time
out of the day to care for and manage, and yet it is one of those things that we
don’t give much thought to.

It seems like it becomes somewhat robotic in our everyday life – thus becoming
one more thing that we have to do, which leads to not caring about what we wear.

I want to share with you the 10 Reasons Why You Should Care About What
You Wear:

1.  It shows how you feel about yourself.

2.  When you care about what you wear, it shows in the way that you behave.

3.  It shows in how you interact with other people.

4.  You have the freedom of choice to buy the kinds of clothe that you like to

5.  You have the freedom of expression to wear the style of clothes that expresses
how you feel on the inside.

6.  Wearing wrinkled clothes will create a nagging thought in your mind about
whether or not someone is going to notice and say something to you about
your wrinkled clothes.

7.  Your hard earned dollars are being used to buy your clothes.

8.  It takes up your time and energy to wash and take care of your clothes.

9.  The clothes you wear can either make you look good or make you look
like you could care less.

10.  When you look good, you feel good!

I think #10 is the best reason of all to care about what you wear, It really
should be the #1 reason.   Who doesn’t want to look good and feel good?

I can’t even emphasize enough how important it is to care about what you
wear on a daily basis.  I have seen all of these 10 things happen to women
for many, many years while sewing for and dressing women of all ages,
nationalities, body types, and with different income levels.

Even with all of the differences that women have in those areas, they still
have the same feelings and desires as the rest of the women around them.

I know that all of these things are true and they do make a big difference
in your everyday life, so I want to encourage you to start to care about what
you wear starting today.

Aloha, Janin
“When you look good, you feel good”

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Every Woman Has Secret Feelings About Her Body!

Every Women Has Secret Feelings About copy

Every woman has secret feelings about how she feels about her body!

Secret feelings don’t just show up one day in your mind and heart, it’s like with anything that you struggle with, It starts when you were a baby.

The one thing that I have always thought was really fascinating is how little
baby girls are so aware of what’s going on around them.  If you’ve ever watched
little babies, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  They seem to be so much
older than they really are!  I think it’s just amazing how these little spirits that have
come to earth are so much more valiant then ever before.

And for that reason I want to focus on baby girls that become toddlers, pre-
teenagers, teenagers and then women because, those are the stages in a woman’s
life that she becomes more and more aware of how her body looks as she gets older.

If you’re a woman, you should have gone through all of those stages in your life and
are now at a point where you have recognized that you have these secret feelings
about your body!

Secret feelings can be good or bad, and maybe you have both good and bad feelings
about certain parts of your body because maybe, you might like your legs but not
really liking the rest of your body.  There’s no end to what women can feel.

Baby girls are always paying attention to what’s going on around them, all the time.
That’s just how girls are created.  If you think about it, that kind of awareness is
something that continues on into adulthood.  I know it’s definitely a gift from God
given to baby girls, so that when they grow up and become adults and have their
own families they will be able to know what’s happening and can nurture their
own children.

With that in mind, it’s safe to say that how girls feel about their body is something
that they learn from the women around them.  It’s usually a woman and/or grand-
mother that are/is the one taking care of and raising little girls.

Everything that a baby, toddler, pre-teen & teenage girl hears about her body and
other women’s bodies is taken in and processed in a very unique way deep within
her mind and heart, because everyone is different.

From what I’ve seen and heard over the last 25 years working with women and
having women clients, is that most of what they say about their bodies is usually
negative.  There were some that had extremely negative feelings.

Because I’ve sewn for women for such a long time, I thought I’ve heard it all!
But, you know what happens when I have to take my clients body measurements?
They start to reveal their secret feelings about how they feel about their bodies.
I guess you might say that they trust me enough to let me take their body
measurements, so they trust me enough to tell me how they feel…about a
lot of things besides their body.

They’ve heard women in their life say things like – I have a big butt, I’m so fat,
I’m too short, I’m ugly compared to _ _ _ _ _(you fill in the blank), my boobs are
not big enough, I have thunder thighs!  Wow!  That would scare anyone.


These are only a few of the things that women think and secretly feel about
themselves, I have heard many more things from women but I won’t list them
all because it’s really sad.

A lot of the secret feelings women have about their bodies are a learned behavior
and comparing themselves to other women.  It’s just natural for a little girl
growing up to copy what the women in their life are feeling, saying and doing –
even if it’s harmful to their mind, heart, body and spirit.

It is possible to overcome this kind of negative feeling about your body.  It will
take a little time if you’re willing and want to let go of those negative feelings
that have been dragging you down for who knows how long.  It’s not worth
holding on to negative secret feelings that are probably not true.

Women come in all shapes and sizes which is a wonderful thing, because that
makes us all unique.  You have to know that your value as a woman is priceless.

One of the most powerful things that you can do to get started on having a
more positive feeling about your body is by learning how to dress for your body
shape, and height.

I can’t stress enough how powerful it is to dress in a way that makes you look
good in the clothes that you have on!  I’ve seen it over and over again for many
years how wearing the right style of clothes that works to highlight the right
parts of your body and that fits you perfectly gives you a boost of confidence.
Now that’s powerful!

Always remember – you want to wear clothes that work best for YOUR body
shape and height, not wear the style of clothes that the fashion models are
wearing that you see on commercials and in magazines.

When YOU look good, you FEEL good!


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It’s Time For FASHION!

6:19:15-It's Time For FASHION

It’s time to add the FASHION into the!

For a while now I’ve only been writing, talking and podcasting about
you and your finances.  While learning about your finances is extremely
important, so is fashion (in my opinion of course).

I say that fashion is important because everyone has to wear clothes!
There’s just no way around it, especially when the weather is really
hot and humid and you don’t really want to put clothes on.

I will continue to talk about finances in between all of the fashion
information I share, because…what you wear does have an impact
on your finances!  I will be sharing with you why and how in the coming
months.  So stay tuned!

For right now I want you to know that It’s important to care about
what you wear.

I have a question for you:

Did you ever stop to think about what you wear everyday?

With life being so busy all the time, it’s really hard to get everything
in your life working for you the way you want it on a daily basis.
Fashion and clothes is not always the first thing on people’s mind
when they get up in the morning.  Sometimes I think a lot of people
are like me and are just happy to know that we even got out of bed,
especially when you’re tired and the bed is nice and cozy!

Ok, got a little off topic, but I just had to share that. 🙂

For some, the idea of having to put together an outfit feels frustrating
and then having to do it in the morning is even more frustrating,
especially if you’re in a rush to get ready, get children ready and get
out the door in time.  Oh yah, I forgot to mention all the stuff that needs
to happen in between the getting dressed and getting out the door.

It can make anyone crazy!  I’ve been there, done that.  It’s not fun.
Learning from the past is sooo great, because now I can help other
women with these kinds of things that I’ve gone through as a mother
with 4 children – trying to get out the door. (In one piece)

Learning how to dress and what clothes look best on you can be
simple and fun with some help if you’re open to recommendations.
Most women I know are open to learning what they can do to up their

Who doesn’t want to look good in their clothes, right?

I do know that not everyone is interested in fashion and style, and
that’s OK, you don’t have to be.  BUT, you do have to be interested
in knowing how to dress for your body type, what colors look best
on you and how to make sure your clothes fit you properly.  All of
these things will make a big difference on how you feel while you’re
wearing your clothes.

These three things are the most common areas of fashion and style
that a lot of people don’t know and understand, which ends up in
buying clothes that don’t work for them and a lot of money being
wasted on those items.

I know a few women that have bought clothes because they thought
the items were really nice and they loved the color and oh… it was on
sale and was really cheap, only to hang it in their closet with the store
tags still on the clothes and never, ever has these clothes seen the light
of day again.

Have you ever done things like that?

If you have, it’s OK.  I would just recommend that you ask yourself some
questions, like:

~Are you ever going to wear that item of clothing in your lifetime?

~What did you like about that item, that made you buy it?

~Did you buy it because you were just having a bad day

  and needed to do some emotional shopping?

~Does it fit you right?  If you don’t remember, try it on.

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then I would
recommend that you give it to someone that you know who would really
appreciate it and would fit into it.  Or, if you are ashamed to give it to
someone that you know then consider donating it to an organization that
helps women get back up on their feet and helps them look for a job.

These organizations always need new items of clothing for women to
look professional while they are going on job interviews.  Either way,
don’t hang onto it if you know you will never wear it.

It’ just creates clutter and takes up space in your closet that you could
be using for something that you’ll actually wear on a regular basis.  Believe
it or not, clearing out your closet is one of the first steps to learning about
how to dress for your body type, what colors look best on you and having
your clothes fit you right.

It’s the first step because when you have a closet full of clothes that you
don’t even wear, whether it’s brand new or not creates a place of confusion
and sometimes stress.  I can also bet that at least half of the clothes in your
closet don’t fit you right.

So, as soon as you can, open your closet and see what’s going on in there.
Start by pulling out an item of clothing that still has tags on them, or you
know that you will never wear again.  A little at a time is the best thing to
do, don’t try to tackle your closet all in one day.  No stressing allowed.

I know that if you just start there, you will immediately feel an interesting
kind of relief.  Try it and find out!

A Hui Hou Malama Pono, until next time, take care.



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